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Fixed-located working arrangements

This arrangement would be suited to roles such as a Refuse Loader, Cleaner, Leisure Attendant, Receptionist, Senior Support Worker (Residential Care), where the worker’s ability to undertake their role is reliant on them attending a specific location e.g., one of our Depots, Council Buildings, Leisure Centres or Residential Care Homes. If you have a fixed-located working arrangement, your contractual base will be one named CCC workplace.

No change to your current pay arrangements.

In line with current contractual hours.

If you have a fixed-located working arrangement your main place of work will either be your contractual base (e.g. a leisure centre for a leisure attendant), or you will be delivering services in our community (e.g. a depot for a refuse loader).

If you are required to travel for work purposes, will be able to use any appropriate CCC premises as well as community and other public sector buildings where joint working arrangements exist.

If you are a “non-office worker”, with a fixed-located working arrangement, you will be provided with the relevant tools, equipment, vehicles, personal protective equipment (PPE) or mobile devices essential to undertake your role.

If you are an “office worker” with a fixed-located working arrangement, will be provided with a standard laptop, headset, bag, and charger and will have access to a workstation and other office equipment as available at your contractual workplace.

You will be provided with a “dedicated” workstation if a requirement is identified following a workstation assessment and / or agreed for other reasons by your manager.

Equipment provided by us must be used for work-related purposes.

All systems and devices must be used in compliance with the Information Security Policy.

Staff and managers should familiarise themselves with the process for setting up new members of staff and details on the return of equipment to the council when leaving the Authority. Further information can be found on our intranet here.

The authority reserves the right to charge for any equipment which is not returned.

We are reducing our reliance on paper and so the printing of any documents should be done as a last resort. At the workplace you will be able to access one of our secure Konica printers at your work location.

You will be able to access the council provision when working in our premises.

The nature of your work will dictate the best solution for your role, which you will discuss with your line manager.

  • Microsoft Teams with a headset is the standard method of making and receiving calls between staff members. Voice and video calls can be made in this way. Calls to partner and external organisations (such as neighbouring authorities, the NHS, WG etc) can also be made via Microsoft Teams.
  • We also provide a Softphone option for staff who frequently make incoming and outgoing calls from their working location. The softphone allows you to have an extension number and a Direct Dial Number (DDI) on your laptop. This will allow you to make and receive external calls from your laptop using your headset. There is an additional cost per softphone licence, which will be charged to your service.
  • Smart Mobile Phones are also available for staff who need to make and receive calls and be contactable out of hours or are community based. Council provided smartphones have access to some systems such as Outlook for email. Your departmental mobile phone representative should be contacted if this is a requirement of your role. There is an additional cost to your service for smart mobile phone purchases.
  • We also operate a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Scheme. Staff may be able to enrol a personal smartphone into the council BYOD scheme. This will allow you to access council emails and calendar from your personal device. We do not pay any of the costs associated with using BYOD on your personal device and this is a voluntary scheme for employees.

In addition, we have further information on the IT pages and our IT Division can provide advice and guidance.

If you have a fixed-located working arrangement, travel and subsistence in respect of official business travel (i.e. to locations other than your contractual workplace) may be claimed in line with the our Travel Policy / Financial Procedure Rules.

We are reducing the amount of travel we do, so before travelling, consider whether the journey is necessary and agree it in advance with your manager.

You are required to choose the most cost effective mode of transport e.g. electric pool car and the purpose of the journey should be for a specific official business reason.

If you have a fixed-located working arrangement, commuting time and costs from your home to your contractual workplace (or an alternative workplace of your choice) will not be reimbursed. Any claims of this nature will not be authorised.

You should ensure confidentiality and data security at all times.

The council is reducing its reliance on paper and, unless there is no alternative, you should not work with hard copy documents or print information.

However, where you are required to store hard copy data, you must keep all documents and information associated with the authority secure at all time.

All personal data should be handled in accordance with the authority’s information governance procedures in particular the section that deals with the handling of personal information

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