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Alert Level 4: Lockdown from midnight 19th December

All of Wales is at alert level 4, the national message is to stay at home and only venture out if it is essential, for example to access health care, for shopping, to exercise outdoors, to support someone who is vulnerable, or for work purposes.

You must now work from home. If your role doesn’t allow you to work from home, or it is deemed essential that you attend your place of work, the social distancing regulations remain unchanged – it is vitally important that you follow these regulations.

For the latest information on Coronavirus, please visit our Coronavirus guidance page.

Advice for cleaning staff

You should stay at home if you have either:

  • a high temperature
  • a new continuous cough
  • loss of taste/smell

If you have any of the above symptoms or are unwell and cannot attend work you should notify us by telephone before 11am by calling 07812 484305. If no response is received please e-mail CleaningAbsences@carmarthenshire.gov.uk giving full details of sickness and a contact number in case we need to contact you.

Keep up to date

We ask all staff who currently receive written communication from us to provide us with an email address to allow us to update you quickly as the situation develops during this unprecedented situation.

We also need you to ensure that we have a current telephone number for you. You can provide these details by emailing us or contacting the office on 01267 246511.

Working in a building that is still open

If you are based in a building that is still open we need to ensure that you as staff and our buildings are protected as best we can. We ask that you please prioritise your cleaning routines by following the guidelines below:

  1. Disinfect by wiping all frequently touched surfaces in common areas (e.g. tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, sinks, handrails, door frames).
  2. While disinfecting you need to wear disposable gloves and aprons
  3. Follow the dilution rates below, use the correct colour coded cloth, spray to the cloth and clean and change cloths regularly. If available, use disposable cloths/wipes
  4. Remember to wash your hands immediately for at least 20 seconds with soap and water after gloves are removed.

Guidance on cleaning materials

All Staff are to undertake thorough cleaning of their allocated areas, wiping all surfaces with the products specified below at all schools and buildings.

Cloth/mop cleaner Option 1: Bucket application

  1. Prepare, remove a cap from a 5lt container, fill cap with Titan Sanitiser and place 2 capfuls (50g) for every 1 litre of cold or lukewarm water (not hot).
  2. Immerse cloths/mop in solution
  3. Allow to soak
  4. Wring cloth/mop prior to using
  5. Wipe/mop down surfaces
  6. Allow at least 5 minutes contact time
  7. Clean and rinse with hot water then allow to air dry

Cloth/mop cleaner Option 2: Trigger spray application

  1. Prepare, remove a cap from a 5lt container fill cap with Titan Sanitiser and place 2 capfuls (50g) for every 1 litre of cold or lukewarm water (not hot).
  2. Wearing gloves, immerse trigger spray bottle in solution and fill bottle replace trigger head.
  3. Spray solution to cloth
  4. Wipe down surfaces
  5. Allow at least 5 minutes contact time
  6. Clean and rinse with hot water then allow to air dry

If Titan Sanitizer is not available, please continue to use Ultrafresh or Antibac, following the manufacturer's instructions for these products. As mentioned at the start of this guidance, we will be visiting you shortly and this will allow us to provide you with a supply of Titan and provide training to you on use of this product.

Ultrafresh is a neutral cleaner and is suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces, including polished surfaces, laminates, glass, etc.

  • 1 x 30ml pelican pumps to hand sprayer (600/750ml)
  • 4 x 30ml pelican pumps to 5 ltr water via bucket

An anti-bacterial floral detergent/disinfectant.

  • 2 pelican pumps to hand sprayer (500ml)
  • 10 pelican pumps to a bucket
  • 10 pelican pumps to 2.5lt (scrubber dryer)
  • Red Sponges for urinals/toilet pans
  • Red Cloths for all other toilet areas
  • Blue cloths/sponges to be used in all areas outside toilet areas

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