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Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment

We have undertaken a Corporate Risk Assessment to support Managers in considering the risks associated with the work you do during COVID-19. If you are pregnant, our guidance will provide an overview of what should be in place to protect you.

The risk assessment examines the potential risk that expectant mothers might encounter and what needs to be put place to minimise or eliminate the risk. 

Expectant Mothers risk assessment (.pdf)

It is recommended that as an expectant mother you should always:

  • Observe good hand hygiene, with frequent use of soap and water or alcohol-containing gel.
  • Maintain a distance of 2 metres to minimise the risks of the spread of COVID 19.
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment identified for the expectant mother’s role and correct use of PPE.
  • Observe isolation requirements for known or suspected COVID-19 cases.
  • Work from home wherever possible
  • Keep hydrated throughout the day.
  • Take frequent breaks throughout the day.
  • Attend all of your pregnancy scans and antenatal appointments unless you are advised not to.
  • Discuss any concerns with Manager who should document the conversation
  • It is advised that expectant mothers work from home where possible, particularly after 28 weeks
  • If this cannot be done, you should discuss any associated risks from COVID-19 with your GP, Health visitor, maternity nurse etc before considering returning to the workplace / continuing to work and discuss any concerns with your line manager
  • If you have suspected symptoms of COVID-19 you should stay at home, get tested and contact your midwife or maternity team who will advise on the next steps
  • You are advised not to work in direct face to face / frontline contact roles beyond 28 weeks gestation and your manager should discuss options for alternative duties with suitable adjustments being put in place in liaison with HR.

The NHS has provided useful guidance on Pregnancy and Coronavirus, if your manager hasn’t already shared this with you we recommend you read this guidance.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has useful information on Coronavirus infection and pregnancy.

Page updated: 02/03/2021 14:40:51