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Service recovery planning

If you have been given the go ahead to start planning the recovery of your service, this page will provide you with the supporting guidance and advice needed to plan the process effectively.

Before starting the recovery planning process, please ensure you have the required permissions by speaking to your Head of Service/Director.

The following checklist is intended to ensure that prior to services being re-started, all appropriate factors are considered. Please use it to inform your planning. You should ensure that your recovery plan and report address all the areas listed.

Service Recovery Planning: Checklist for managers (.docx)

We have developed the following risk assessment in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It has been developed to support the recovery of services within the authority.

As part of the recovery process, it is required that all services complete their own risk assessment by completing the template below. Please refer to the Corporate risk assessment. This risk assessment will be required if you need to order any items from the Social Distancing Toolkit.

The risk assessment will be required to support the development of safe working practices. You should contact the health and safety team to discuss the requirements. 

Important: You will not be able to order items from our Social Distancing Toolkit without a completed risk assessment.

If your service impacts on the community, you will also need to complete a Community Impact Assessment.

There are four interlinked categories of impact that individuals and communities will need to recover from:

  • Health and Welfare
  • Economic
  • Infrastructure and Environment
  • Communications and Community Liaison

Community Impact Assessment template (.docx)

Once you have completed the Recovery Checklist, Service Risk Assessment and Community Impact Assessment (if applicable), you will be able to populate your Service Recovery Plan.

Service Recovery Plan template (.docx)

With effective planning and shared commitment from departments, we can ensure that we engage with the right people, in the right way, at the right time, during our recovery. It is important that your proposals are communicated to everyone that is affected by them and so you will need to work with the Marketing and Media team to develop an appropriate communications plan.

Marketing and Media Strategy (.pdf)

Once you have completed the service recovery planning process and have been given the go ahead to restart your service, it is important that you make sure your teams and individuals know what to expect and what is expected of them. To help you we have developed a 'Returning your staff to workplace' checklist, which you can use to inform the discussions you will need to have with your staff.

We have also developed a 'Returning to the Workplace' booklet for staff so that they can familiarise themselves with what is required of them.

Returning Staff - Checklist for Managers (.docx)


Property compliance

The re-opening of buildings is being managed by the Head of Property. These documents will provide some guidance for Managers, Premises Responsible People and Caretakers to support this process.

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