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Returning to the Workplace

Government guidance continues to require employees to work from home wherever possible and so you are reminded that your staff should continue to work from home unless it is not possible to do so.  

However, if there is a business, welfare or training need, or issues with internet access where your staff need to return to the workplace on a regular basis, then you will need Head of Service approval before your staff can return.

To do this, you will need to complete a 'Request to return staff to the Workplace' form. You will need to complete the following steps before you can submit a request*:

This form is to be completed by the manager, and a separate form will need to be completed for each member of staff.

*If you have a member of staff who is looking to call into the office on an ad-hoc basis, for example to attend an ad-hoc meeting, access a printer, or pick up equipment from the office, then you do not need to complete this form. Please continue to use your existing procedure with your PRP.

Submit a request

Page updated: 05/08/2021 12:12:32