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Member Induction and Development Plan

Congratulations on your election to Carmarthenshire County Council. As a Councillor you have a number of important roles and responsibilities to discharge.

Perhaps you are thinking: “What could happen if……:

  • …… I'm not sure of my legal or ethical responsibilities?
  • …… I don't know who to contact about a particular issue?
  • …… I'm asked to contribute to a meeting?
  • …… I'm asked about the performance of the Council?
  • …… I'm not sure how the Council makes decisions?
  • …… I'm not sure which department does what?
  • …… I'm asked to sit on a committee?”

All these questions and more will be answered by Carmarthenshire’s Councillor Induction/Refresher Programme, and to ensure we’re covering the right topics in the programme officers have worked closely with group leaders to develop it.

The programme, designed primarily for new Councillors but also open to re-elected Councillors, aims to give you information and advice to make your role as a Councillor as effective and rewarding as possible in the early days and beyond. The comprehensive programme is delivered to fit your busy schedule and to provide you with sufficient knowledge and understanding to get you off to a good start as a serving Councillor for Carmarthenshire County Council.

I wish you all the best in your new role and please remember that the officers of the Council are here to help you fulfil this role.

Mark James
Chief Executive

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