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Alert Level 4: Lockdown from midnight 19th December

All of Wales is at alert level 4, the national message is to stay at home and only venture out if it is essential, for example to access health care, for shopping, to exercise outdoors, to support someone who is vulnerable, or for work purposes.

You must now work from home. If your role doesn’t allow you to work from home, or it is deemed essential that you attend your place of work, the social distancing regulations remain unchanged – it is vitally important that you follow these regulations.

For the latest information on Coronavirus, please visit our Coronavirus guidance page.

Protocol for Executive Board Meetings

Protocol for Non-Executive Members’ Attendance At Formal Executive Board Meetings

As part of their consideration of the recommendations of the Peer Review Report the Executive Board have agreed to: 

  • webcast their meetings;
  • have a standing item on their Agenda for Questions On Notice to be tabled by both the public and by members;
  • to allow non-executive members to also be able to ask questions or speak on items on the Agenda and for some members to have sight of exempt reports.

The Protocol for implementing these changes, which will apply from the Executive Board Meeting of the 28th September 2015 onwards, in so far as they relate to members is set out below:

Questions On Notice ( ie. Questions on matters not on the agenda)

Just as for Questions On Notice at Meetings of the County Council any member wishing to ask a Question On Notice of an Executive Board Member will need to submit the Question In Writing to the Chief Executive no later than 10.00 a.m. 7 clear working days prior to the Executive Board Meeting, clearly identifying the Executive Board Member to whom the Question is to be put.

The reason for the imposition of this timetable, just as for Questions On Notice at County Council, is to enable the Question to be published on the Agenda for the meeting. Any such Questions On Notice must relate to functions which are the functions of the executive.

The non-executive member will be expected to attend the meeting of the Executive Board to put the question in person.

Questions Without Notice

Non-executive members have always been able to attend the open parts of the Executive Board’s meetings, just as any members of the public have been able to.

However, non-executive members attending meetings of the Executive Board will now be able to ask questions on items of business on the agenda and to speak on those items provided they have first obtained the consent of the Leader, as Chair of the Executive Board, (or in his absence) one of the Deputy Chairs.

In order to aid the effective conduct of the meeting the Leader will need to have advance notice of any non-executive member attending the meeting who wishes to ask a question or speak on an agenda item. The non-executive member should therefore notify the Chief Executive by 12 noon on the Friday preceding the Monday meeting of the Executive Board of their intended attendance, stating clearly the agenda item and whether they intend to ask a question, or speak on the matter, or both.

Unless the member is notified otherwise the presumption shall be that the request has been granted. Just as for meetings of the County Council a non-executive member will only be allowed to ask one question and/or speak once during the agenda item in hand, keeping their question and / or speech to no more than 4 minutes.

Exempt Reports

Non-executive members will be required to withdraw from the meeting if it resolves to go into a closed session. However, exempt reports will be circulated to the Chair of Council, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Opposition and the relevant Scrutiny Committee Chair at the meeting and the Chair of Council, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Opposition and all the Scrutiny Chairs will be allowed to remain in the closed session of the Executive Board meeting.  The exempt reports will be collected at the end of the meeting.

The Executive Board will review the operation of these new procedures in the future.

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