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Protocol for Virtual Executive Board Meetings

Questions without Notice

Non-executive members attending meetings of the Executive Board are able to ask questions on items of business on the agenda and to speak on those items provided they have first obtained the consent of the Leader, as Chair of the Executive Board, (or in his absence) the Deputy Chairs.  If you wish to do so, you will need to follow the normal arrangements but copy the Democratic Services Manager in to the email so that she can check consent has been given and provide a link to access the meeting and participate.   As normal you must notify the Chief Executive by 12 noon on the Friday preceding the Monday meeting of the Executive Board of your intended attendance, stating clearly the agenda item and whether you intend to ask a question, or speak on the matter, or both.

Exempt Reports

Non-executive members are required to withdraw from the meeting if it resolves to go into a closed session. However, exempt reports will be circulated to the Chair of Council, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Opposition and the relevant Scrutiny Committee Chair at the meeting and the Chair of Council, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Opposition and all the Scrutiny Chairs will be allowed to remain in the closed session of the Executive Board meeting.  The Leaders and Deputy Leaders of the opposition Groups can also view exempt reports an hour before the meeting starts.

Again, can you please advise the Democratic Services Manager by 12 noon on Friday proceeding the Monday meeting of the Executive Board that you wish to view these reports and remain whilst they are discussed.  She will then make the necessary arrangements.

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