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South West Wales Regional Contractors Framework Newsletter Feb 2021


Working in Passenger Transport during Covid

I joined the Passenger Transport team and the authority just 3 months before the pandemic struck. I soon found myself working from home which was a completely new way of working. Zoom calls, Teams and Skype meetings were the new norm to communicate with the team and we soon adapted and all pulled together.

Zoe Smith cheered us up with her weekly Monday team quiz. Meirion ensured we all have regular team catch ups by meeting online every 2 days and regular updates from the Chief provided us with direction and clarity.
It has been a very surreal time, where we have all supported each other, every step of the way. The team were always prepared to roll their sleeves up and help our communities where it was needed.

We faced ever changing policies and legislation around passenger transport a challenge and demanding and we quickly found our feet working in new areas of the team and getting arrangements in place to meet the guidance. 

Public transport network was for essential travel and more buses were needed to comply with social distancing. We also provided the bus operators with critical support during these uncertain times for their industry. I filmed a small clip for our social media channel to educate passengers on what was expected of them and to provide an insight on what travelling on a service bus was like during the pandemic.

Mainstream school transport returned in September to full capacity which meant all hands on deck to get the 9000 plus passes out to all the pupils. We worked with Communications to ensure key messages were out there for the parents and pupils and they were fully aware of the new arrangements for coverings, loadings etc We provided reassurance to parents who were ringing concerned and provided FAQ's to assist with all the questions parents needed answers too on our webpage.

Pupils were fantastic, taking it all in their stride. Their new normal was now boarding the bus with a face covering, sanitizing their hands on entry and being greeted by their driver with a face covering or shielded by a screen. We are very proud, not only how adaptable our children are but how well the operators and their drivers have adapted and worked with us to ensure we put everyone's safety first.

Who knows what the next few months will hold, but we will continue to be safe and make our communities safe.

Sophie Lacey
Passenger Transport

Waste Services Reflects

During the lockdown with schools closed and childcare duties no longer an option for grandparents, our Operational staff changed their shift times to allow those with partners or spouses to attend work in the caring professions with Social Care or the NHS or other critical services.  Crews started work at 4am in order to get home and their partners to start work.

Household waste collections continued as normal with office staff either working from home or if office based and line managing operational staff, attendance was coordinated on a rota basis. 

To ensure that our reassessed covid-19 risk assessments and  safe working practices were adhered, we saw Highways and CWM Environmental staff assist with chauffeuring roles to transport loaders along their routes or with HGV driving duties.  Waste strategy and LEQ field officers, Cleansing and Ground staff were redeployed to the waste section to assist and were retrained for loading duties or assist with recycling item deliveries.

Residents kept the crew’s moral high with their paintings, thank you notes and posters and home baking treats, several are now on display in their cabs.  Dominoes Pizzas donated over 100 pizzas to the key works at our operational depots, and at Easter Morrison’s Carmarthen donated easter eggs. 

As a result of the changes in residents lifestyles due to the virus our front line services has seen a staggering increases in kerbside collection recycling tonnages with blue bag recycling and food waste increased by 28% in addition to 706 tonnes more bulky waste materials being collected via our appointment based collection service, changes to the number of appointments per day had to be made to accommodate the demand for the service!

With restrictions being in place our Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) were closed and the demand for the garden waste collection service soared.  Customers more than doubled in the Season from 4200 to 8600 and customers advising how helpful the service has been to them.  This resulted in a 108% increase in the amount of garden waste collected with an extra 1,344 tonnes being composted and used for merlin magic compost.

In order to make sure HWRCs were opened after the first lockdown on 26th May adhering to all government guidelines, officers rallied to set up an appointment based system online to make residents visit safe for all concerned whilst making it as easy as possible for people to dispose of their waste.  The result of this has seen 85,000 appointments successfully made since reopening.  Partnership working with Cwm Environmental, IT, marketing and media and customer services was paramount to this success.

Additional temporary outlets for blue bags were established in order to meet WG ‘essential travel – stay local’ messages and as a result a whopping 67,000 rolls has been delivered to outlets and a further 40% increase in home deliveries achieved due to demand.

Once more we are at the start of our annual deliveries of blue recycling bags and food waste liners with operational crew working additional hours in order to ensure that all 91,274 households receive their recycling bag packs from now until spring 2021!

Other staff members from waste strategy volunteered to assist other departments with caring roles in residential care homes and deliveries of food parcels for the shielding residents as well as PPE and signage deliveries to schools to assist the education department with their preparations for reopening in September.

The waste services staff continued to work through the original lockdown, the restricted health zone and the firebreak - Thank you all!

What a year it’s been!

Brompton Bike Hire - coming soon!

As you may have noticed a Brompton Bike Hire Dock has recently been installed at Carmarthen Bus Station. This is the first of three locations planned for Carmarthenshire and the first dock to open in Wales as part of a wider scheme delivered by Brompton across the UK. 

The dock at Carmarthen, and future docks at Burry Port and Llanelli, will each stock 4x Brompton Bikes and 4x Brompton EBikes which will be available to hire via the BBH website or app. A range of rates and memberships are available depending on the likely frequency of use and the Carmarthen Dock is expected to be fully operational before the end of the year. The scheme is being delivered using Welsh Government funding aimed at improving multi-modal integration through facilitating door to door journeys. The dock at Burry Port will be positioned in the vicinity of the Train Station and Bus Interchange while the Llanelli dock will be located on Great Western Crescent near to the Train Station and CCC car Park.

All bikes available will have the standard Brompton folding function and therefore are suitable for carrying on Public Transport, storing in workplaces without cycle parking and carrying up steps or in lifts, making them convenient for completing the first and final mile of journeys. The concept of the scheme is to provide affordable and flexible access to bikes for those who may considering investing in their own, or only require them for a short period. 

Membership & Pricing Information

Project Bank Account

Property Design are delighted to announce that work is about to commence on site at the first housing development that will be utilising a Project Bank account for contractor payments.  The development at Gwynfryn, Ammanford consists of 28 new houses being built on Council owned land. The aim of the is to address the current housing shortage within the community. The successful appointed contractor is Morganstone based in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.

Project Bank Accounts represent best practice in ensuring fair and prompt payment in the supply-chain. When payments are made to the main contractor, payments are made to the nominated sub-contractors directly at the same time.  It is an important initiative to ensure cash flow through supply chains to reduce the risk of supply chain failure for Welsh businesses and enable more rapid circulation of money through the economy and local communities. The additional knock-on benefits of greater productivity and a reduction in construction disputes, and supply chain failures are difficult to quantify but they could be substantial.

Gwynfryn is the first of 6 Carmarthenshire projects who are about to open project bank accounts. Our first educational project that will be utilising a Project Bank Account is also about to start work on site at Kidwelly, the new two storey primary school for Ysgol y Castell will be constructed on the existing Ysgol y Castell site to cater for 330 pupils.  Local firm Lloyd and Gravel based in Pontyberem successfully secured this contract. Again, interim payments will be made to the main contractor and nominated sub-contractors simultaneously via a Project Bank Account. In addition, local firm T Richard Jones are undertaking a further four PBAs on new projects about to start on site this year.

The Project Bank Account initiative is Welsh Government policy ensuring fair payments through the supply chain and is available to all projects procured via the South West Wales Regional Framework and is being applied to all Carmarthenshire County Council projects over £2m.

Our Vision: Llanelli Spinal Route

We have launched a video showing our aspiration route linking Hendy with the Millennium coastal path via a number of key trip attractors within through Llanelli.

Access to walking and cycling - view the video


New Project Grants Manual

The Grants Manual documents the Authority’s procedures relating to the management of grants and therefore must be followed in all cases. The success of a project is not only about having a good idea; the idea needs to be developed into a viable project aligned with corporate objectives, and effectively risk managed and administered.

Project Grants Manual



Our Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day

We look forward to seeing you all in Christmas Jumpers in our depots and during our online meetings in December.
Our departmental team text code is TEAMENV. By simply texting this code to 70050 we can donate £2 to Save the Children.

Policy Update - Financial Procedure Rules

If you undertake an activity which affects the council's finances, you should ensure that you understand the requirements of the Financial Procedure Rules, in order that the approved arrangements are complied with.

The Financial Procedure Rules explain the procedures which officers must follow to ensure high standards of financial management. They tell us the things we cannot do, but also tell us the things we can do whilst keeping within the rules.

Financial Procedure Rules 


Do you have a personal interest to declare?

Within your contract of employment is the requirement to declare any potential conflict of interest of which you may be aware. This is so that we can address conflicts of interest to ensure that our activities are, and are seen to be, conducted to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Declaration of Personal Interests Guide & Form

Environment HR Support

The following Lead Officers are here to assist managers with any HR queries or support.

  • Phillip Thomas
  • Lorraine Dumayne
  • Carly Thomas
  • Kelly Thomas 

Policy Update - Whistleblowing Guide

The latest version of the Whistleblowing Guide is now available.

Whistleblowing Guide


Back and joint care for cleaners

Back and muscular skeletal issues combined is the largest reason for sickness in Carmarthenshire County Council (26% in 2017/18). 
Within Cleaning Services the issue is even more significant with back and neck and musculoskeletal sickness is at 40% (2017/18). 
From our own Health and Wellbeing Survey, 
1 in 4 members of staff are currently suffering from back pain and 1 in 5 have issues with their hips or legs. 
So what can we do about it?


Working from home guidance

The Government continues to require employees to work from home wherever possible and so to support you we have produced guidance on temporary homeworking arrangements during COVID-19.

We’re always here to support you, and especially so during these new, strange and sometimes difficult times. We’ve created some useful 'Looking after your Well-being' tips and advice to support you.

Tips for managing email overload

For those who are mainly office based, emails have over the years have become our main way to communicate with colleagues and external customers and contacts. Quickly writing what information you require and firing it off is easy and can at first feel productive, like you have achieved something. But then you get emails back. Emails are easy to send for the sender but a constant deluge of emails, or a build-up of emails during meetings, days you are out or the office or during leave can become difficult to keep on top of. On the opposite, waiting for a response via email can be equally as frustrating ‘when you just need a quick answer to….’.  

How does this impact our wellbeing? 

This can have a negative impact on our wellbeing for example could make you feel like you aren’t doing your job well, through simply not getting through your emails or maybe due to things being missed or done incorrectly. It can also lead you to feel overwhelmed and overloaded, putting you into ‘freeze’ mode (not able to see what to do next). It can also cause frustration from feeling like emails are interfering with certain priorities of your role. Attempting to keep on top of emails can lead to the feeling you need to work outside of flexi hours to feel in control. Lastly, responding to emails quickly can lead to inaccurate information being transferred to the recipient, which in turn can lead to misinterpretation and potentially conflict. 

So, what can we do?  

The first thing that should be done is a discussion started within a team on emails and wider communication. Ask your manager if they could hold a team meeting on communication with the aim of creating a ‘charter’ or an ‘agreement’ within the team on how best to communicate with each other including when is best to use email, Teams, pick up the phone etc. This will be individual to each team but overall, the agreement should positively focus on:  

  • Enabling staff to manage their time better
  • Discuss what are essential emails, and what needs to be documented 
  • Discuss who needs to be copied in to emails and when (and why)
  • Arranging peer to peer or additional training for those who need IT support or confidence in using the telephone
  • Agreeing response time to emails within the team and outside of the team (setting up auto-replies where applicable)


The SWWRCF framework team is housed within Carmarthenshire County Council who lead on the framework on behalf of the 4 other partner regions.

Led by Andrew Shaw (Framework Manager) the team is on hand to provide support and guidance for all projects that are tendered via the framework.


Our Summer Newsletter

Read our summer newsletter here

New Cleaning Services Management Structure

Over recent weeks, following Doug Shaw’s retirement in May, we have been interviewing for permanent and interim roles within the Cleaning Management Team.

We are pleased to confirm the following appointments:

  • Caryl Williams has been appointed Cleaning Services Manager
  • Heidi Sellick and Tom Jones have been appointed as Area Cleaning Managers
  • Ryan Robinson has joined the Team as an additional Interim Area Cleaning Manager

Here is our new cleaning management team!

Carmarthenshire Nature Recovery Plan 2020–30

The Carmarthenshire Nature Partnership (CNP), which is facilitated by the council, has just produced a Nature Recovery Plan for the county. Welsh Government has asked that Carmarthenshire’s plan reflects the aims and objectives of the Wales Nature Recovery Action Plan 2015 (see links below). The Carmarthenshire Nature Recovery Plan 2020–2030 supersedes Carmarthenshire’s Local Biodiversity Action Plan.

In Carmarthenshire, the Local Nature Partnership was first set up over 20 years ago (formerly Carmarthenshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan Partnership) and is made up of about 20 partners with a depth of knowledge and experience for the county’s biodiversity. The Partnership has been chaired and facilitated by the County Council, and has close links with the Wales Biodiversity Partnership, which provides a steer on priorities for action in Wales and the Welsh Government policy and legislation connected to our natural environment.

The Carmarthenshire Nature Recovery Plan discusses the very important links between the natural environment, climate change, our economy and health and well-being, and the importance of a resilient natural environment. It links to a number of council plans and strategies, including:

  • the Corporate Strategy  
  • CCC’s well-being objectives,
  • the council’s legal obligations under the Environment Act (Wales) 2106,
  • the new Local Development Plan,
  • the work of the Public Services Board

It is intended that it will be a useful document for those working in these areas. The plan will also provide a framework for grant application that will deliver biodiversity and nature recovery action.

The Carmarthenshire Nature Recovery Plan 2020-2030 is in four parts:

  • Part 1 provides some background to Carmarthenshire’s natural environment, its importance to us and the issues affecting it,
  • Part 2 provides some ideas for action for schools / communities / businesses,
  • Part 3 is the focus for developing future action by the Partnership
  • Part 4 contains the references / appendices.

There are links in the plan to more detailed descriptions of the priority habitats and species in the county, which are on the biodiversity pages of the council website as tables to download.

A useful introduction to the Wales Nature Recovery Action Plan is on the Wales Biodiversity Partnership website.


Have your say on walking and cycling

Please help us by providing suggestions on Carmarthenshire’s Active Travel Network via our online map consultation.

The map will help us identify opportunities to expand and improve the network and facilities, whilst also highlighting what has been done well.

Everyone who wants to make journeys on foot or by bike across our region, including those who don’t walk or cycle often are encouraged to have their say.

We are also seeking input into sustainable transport measures in response to Covid-19. This section can be found on the consultation page.

Your feedback will help to plan the Carmarthenshire Active Travel Network.

Have your say

Webpage: Access to walking and cycling (Active Travel)

Shaun's 5k a day for 80 days

Shaun Miles, our Building Control Surveyor is on a mission to raise money for Swansea Bay University LHB Charitable Fund and other related charities due to the compassionate care they provided his Gramma and Grampa during the current difficult times. The money raised will be split equally between the seven Local Health Board charitable funds in Wales, plus Velindre and Welsh Ambulance Service. 

For Shaun's full story behind the fundraiser please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/shaun-miles2

Yoga continues online for staff


In order to attend the online sessions provided by ‘Birdsol’, everyone (including those who have been previously to our classes in Parc Myrddin) will need to complete this form as soon as possible https://bit.ly/2WLIR24. They will then receive an email that explains how to book via a website/app called Gymcatch.


The link to join will be available via Gymcatch. This will take them to Zoom where the class will be held. In order to use Zoom you will be promoted to download it which takes less than a minute. IT do not support access to Zoom on any of our corporate devices.
To access the yoga classes, we request that you use your own devices e.g. phone/tablet/laptop.

When they start up Zoom they will be held in the waiting room where I will check whether people have booked on. 

The sessions will be held weekly on a Tuesday and Thursday 7.45-8.30am.

Thank you to our staff who are undertaking new roles

Fleet and Highways managers arranged for 7 vans & highways drivers to assist with the delivery of food supplies to our schools. We also have planning and road safety staff assisting at the hubs to pack and distribute food boxes for the most vulnerable families and children.

The Environmental Enforcement team have volunteered to undertake alternative duties – some have been involved in training key workers to undertake additional duties, whilst others along with teams from the Grounds and Cleansing teams have been undertaking delivery of food and other essential supplies to those residents that may find shopping for basic provisions very difficult at this time.

We have also redeployed staff from Planning and Highways to assist with providing critical property cleaning services. Training was provided at Parc Myrddin.

There are so many more examples of the great work of our department pulling together to assist other services during this crisis - well done to you all. 

Thank you to our Hi-Vis Heroes!

Whilst our waste operatives are going the extra mile during the Covid-19 crisis to keep waste and recycling collections going, residents have been making their appreciation felt for all their hard work.

With waste and recycling collections crucial to public and environmental health during the Covid-19 crisis, waste workers – deemed ‘key workers’ by the government’ – have continued to carry out essential services during the epidemic.

And much like for frontline NHS workers, waste workers have been receiving thanks and gratitude from householders, many of whom are self-isolating or social distancing to limit the spread of the virus, providing great encouragement in these difficult times. #Sirgaredig 

Watch here

Spring Newsletter

Our Spring Newsletter

Runners and walkers support Toy Box Appeal

On December 22nd 2019 over 60 runners and walkers of all ages and abilities took part in a charity run / walk over a variety of routes from 3 to 12 miles in Ammanford. Participants generously donated bags of food and toys as well as cash donations towards the our Christmas Toy Box Appeal. The event was arranged by Nick Griffiths within our department and this week he presented a cheque for £550 towards the Toy Box Appeal to Cllr Mair Stephens (Deputy Leader) and Marie Griffiths (Youth Support Service). Nick plans to further publicise the proposed 2020 event to further increase participation and support. If you are interested in participating or require further information please contact Nick by email NJGriffiths@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Divisional officer for Mobile Phones

Point of contact for all Environment mobile phone orders for new or replacement handsets.
email pjbowen@carmarthenshire.gov.uk for an order form.

Come along to our departmental health & wellbeing days

Come along for an optional health check to include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Height & weight
  • BMI
  • Blood sugar & cholesterol checks 
  • Advice on healthy living
  • Talk to one of our wellbeing support practitioners 

We are holding events in Llandeilo, Glanamman, Parc Myrddin, Trostre and Cillefwr in April/May 2020 Come along!

Full dates & times here

Highways Design Guide is now online

The Highways Design Guide was produced with a view to setting out its expectations for new development in the county. It provides guidance to developers and applicants  on preparing transport proposals and providing transport infrastructure and services to support new development. It also sets out the associated requirements during planning and construction. 

View our web page here

2020 Violence and Aggression Campaign

The Health and Safety team have recently launched their 2020 Violence and Aggression Campaign which targets a number of key service areas throughout Carmarthenshire County Council. 

The campaign aims to reduce the risk to staff of violent and aggressive behaviour through increased awareness and promotion of the council’s zero tolerance policy. Brand new posters are being designed for display throughout the authority, with several members of staff making an
appearance on these. 

The Civil Enforcement Officers and Waste Services teams have been involved with the campaign so keep an eye out for these posters –
coming soon!


South West Wales Regional Contractors Framework 2020

Our Property Design team are pleased to announce the successful award of the £1bn South West Wales
Regional Contractors Framework 2020  which went live on the 1st February. The collaboration and dedication between the teams within Design and Procurement was exceptional and resulted  in achieving the deadline for this award.

19 Companies have won places on the new Framework, which will run for 4 years until 31st January 2024 and promises up to £1bn pipeline of work across the South West Wales region SWWRCF 2020 is a ready-made fully EU compliant delivery vehicle for capital building works, reactive and planned maintenance works for public sector organisations throughout the South West Wales region offering an efficient, collaborative way to procure construction projects. The framework also provides for the delivery of social value outcomes and aligns with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.

To access the Framework, receive support or if you have queries, please contact us by email Pdesign@carmarthenshire.gov.uk 


Have you ever wondered what our villages and towns will look like in 2033?

Our Forward Planning Section is currently inviting comments on the Deposit Version of the
Revised Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan. The Plan details how much growth we need and land allocations for new homes and businesses, as well as policies to protect and promote the environment, the Welsh language, the economy and employment growth. It also provides a focus on wellbeing and on efforts to protect and enhance the county’s natural and built
environments through sustainable development to ensure quality environments and places.
It identifies the need for 8,835 new homes including 1,500 affordable homes as well as
opportunities for the creation of over 5,000 new jobs.  The Plan distributes this growth in a way which reflects the
diversity of Carmarthenshire’s communities and the needs of its urban and rural areas.

Comments should be made on the our website and need to be received by 4.30pm
on the 27 March 2020.


Saint David's Day 2020

28 February 2020
Café Cwtch , Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli

  • All proceeds will go to the Bloodwise Llanelli
  • £2 Coffee and free cake
  • Activities and games

2 March 2020
Meeting Room 1, Block 1, Parc Myrddin 11-12.30pm
Agile working room, County Hall 12-1.30pm

  • Staff are invited to bring a cake donation for the event. All proceeds will go to the Urdd Eisteddfod 2021 Llandovery Fund!
  • Variety of quizzes, competitions…
  • Wear red to work
  • Clogs dancing session
  • Come & look at the new Welsh language resources

No paper payslips will be issued to staff after January 2020

Resource Link Team are rolling out ‘MyView’ to all staff to enable staff to view their payslip online. This system will replace the need to issue any printed pay slips for staff. Staff will receive their last paper payslip in January 2020.

Every staff member we currently receives a paper payslip will need to log into MyView to access their new account. Your account will be going live on Friday, 10th January 2020.

Staff will need to:

  • Log in to your MyView from our website
  • Select 'Your Council'
  • Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on ‘Intranet’
  • Select ‘MyView’ from the Intranet main menu
  • Your temporary Username and Password will be your employee number.
  • You will be asked to change your password when they access Myview, to something you will remember.

All staff need to log in to ‘MyView’ before Friday, 17th January 2020 as your temporary passwords will expire on this date.

Myview will allow all staff to view their payslips and P60. They will be able to view the current months payslip at least 5 days before pay day.

We have also organised drop in sessions across the County to support your staff.

Tue   14-1-2020 All Day          Meeting Room 1, Trostre Depot
Wed  15-1-2020 All Day          Property Meeting Room, Cillefwr Depot
Thu   16-1-2020 08:00-13:00  Upstairs Meeting Room, Glanamman Depot
Thu   16-1-2020 15:00-16:00 Training Cabin, Nantglas Depot
Fri     17-1-2020 10:00-11:30 Neuadd Y Gwendraeth, Drefach
Fri     17-1-2020 10:00-14:00 Meeting Room 1, Block 1, Parc Myrddin

MyView Guide

For support contact Resource Link Team here

Barrie to cycle the Tour De France for Velindre Cancer Centre

Barrie will be teaming up with John Worsfold, Kevin Hanbury, Luke Davies, Angharad Hanbury, Meurig Griffiths, Neal Davies, John Thomas and Mark Weeds.

Barrie's good friend John was first diagnosed in 2016 with Bladder Cancer and again diagnosed with Skin Cancer in 2017 and also lost his mother to Cancer. John wanted to do the ''Tour to Recovery'' in memory of his mother and to support this very important Cancer Charity. 

They will complete the full route of the 2020 “Tour De France” all 21 Stages approx. 3500Km, starting in Nice on Thursday 25th June 2020 and finishing in Paris on Friday 17th July 2020, just 2 days in front of the main race.

The Team is attempting to raise £21,000 equivalent to £1,000 per Stage in aid of Velindre.

They will be funding the majority of the event and the cost of the support crew themselves at a cost of approx. £2800 each.

Any Sponsorship or Donations would be greatly welcomed to help raise as much as possible for Velindre.

Donate here


Support Poppy & Team Kidney Wales in Llanelli Half Marathon

On the 9th of February Poppy Evans, a member of the Environment Department’s Myrddin Milers Group, will be participating in the Llanelli Half Marathon. Poppy will be running for Kidney Wales. For over 50 years Kidney Wales has been at the forefront of kidney patient care, wellbeing and patient research here in Wales. Kidney Disease affects over 10,000 people across Wales and is a lifelong, life threatening condition which dramatically changes the life of the patients and their families. Kidney Wales have provided lifesaving treatment, funded staff and refurbished the Children’s Kidney Centre. Kidney Wales were the key drivers in the change in Organ Donation ‘Deemed Consent’ which became law in December 2015. They have continued to support the 17 dialysis units across Wales and the Transplant unit based at The University Hospital of Wales.

By sponsoring Poppy you will help Kidney Wales continue their life changing work, and help them support families and change the lives of people living with kidney disease. Poppy has pledged to raise £100 and would welcome any donation!

Donate here

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) Training

14 members of the Environment Department spent 2 days this autumn developing their knowledge on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS).  The course, delivered by CIRIA in Parc Myrddin, focused on designing SUDS systems and the requirements of the new legislation, namely schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010

The training brought together staff from three Divisions in the department namely Highways (engineering Design), Property (Property Design) and members of the Flood Defence Team from the Waste and Environmental Services Division.  The training proved to be a success not only in developing SUDS knowledge but bringing about an understanding of the concept and outcomes the legislation is designed to achieve.  Bringing together the design teams and the flood defence team who determine and approve the designs, broke down barriers, put faces to names and stared to build relationships that will only be a positive in ensuring the legislative requirements are met in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

TIC Awards 2019

An ensemble of pupils from Carmarthenshire Music Service greeted guests with a medley of festive tunes as they arrived for the 2019 Transform, Innovate and Change (TIC) Awards Ceremony held in Y Ffwrnes on December 5.

Wendy Walters, Chief Executive congratulated Doug and his team for the success of their project – and thanked Dr Llinos Jones, Head Teacher from Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Myrddin for supporting Doug and his team on the day.

Leader of the council, Cllr Emlyn Dole and Cllr Mair Stephens had the unenviable task of looking at all of the five projects in detail to decide which project stood out from the rest to be awarded the coveted overall winner award, with the overall winner for 2019 awarded to the Working Together for Disabled Children project.

Schools Contract Cleaning Review – led by Douglas Shaw - Video.


Health and Wellbeing Champions Scheme Official Launch

Our Health and Wellbeing Champions Scheme has been officially launched by Paul Thomas, assistant Chief Executive and Leader of the Council, Councillor Emlyn Dole.

As an authority we have made a commitment to recruiting Health and Wellbeing Champions to support the growing Wellbeing agenda.

Fifteen Champions were initially recruited, with the aim of educating and supporting employees to improve their health and wellbeing.

Following a recruitment campaign by Wellbeing Co-ordinators this summer, there are now 55 health and wellbeing champions across the authority, with representation in each department.

All Champions have received specific training to support them with the role, provided by the Health and Wellbeing Coordinators and Public Health Wales.

The champions role includes:

  • Adhering to the agreed Core Values; Support, Encourage and Inspire
  • Providing information to colleagues about the Health & Wellbeing programme
  • Linking in with the work programme set by the Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinators
  • Utilising a portfolio of suitable campaigns, activities, programmes, events, resources, etc to champion health and wellbeing within our organisation and signpost colleagues to opportunities and resources
  • Promoting a healthy culture within the workplace
  • Assisting the Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinators to gauge the needs of employees and effectiveness of interventions
  • Providing evidence and monitoring information for the Health & Wellbeing Coordinators
  • Share good practice amongst each other

If you’re interested in becoming a Health and Wellbeing Champion, please contact Health&Wellbeing@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Contact your Health and Wellbeing champion

Nigel's Movember Fundraiser

Nigel Skinner, Parc Myrddin - ‘ I’m going Mexican -  Mental Health is an issue close to me and can creep up on you at any time for a number of reasons – it’s good to talk ‘. 

Your donations for ‘Mental Health and Suicide Prevention’ have raised £437.00. Well done!

Su’mae Shwmae Events

The Welsh language leaders were busy during this year’s Diwrnod Su’mae Shwmae! This year the leaders were invited to deliver a presentation at the departmental management team meeting. During the presentation the leaders encouraged and invited all attendees to speak a bit of Welsh and further reminded the attendees of the importance of working bilingually. The leaders also promoted the Welsh language learning and development opportunities available to staff and reflected on the year of successful events and activities that they have delivered within the department.

The leaders didn’t rest there! That evening they were busy delivering a departmental quiz night which they had planned in collaboration with the Welsh language policy officers and Y’r Atom. The quiz was kindly hosted by Welsh broadcaster Marc Griffiths who did an excellent job at challenging the team’s general knowledge. Cllr. Peter Hughes Griffiths our Executive Board Member for Culture, Sport and Tourism also attended the event and not only awarded our winners with their prizes but provided an excellent speech on the importance of celebrating and sharing the language with our colleagues.

The evening was a great success with a number of you participating and supporting with your teams and the leaders hope to make this an annual event in future. Congratulations to the winning team from the Planning division and a huge well done to everybody for coming along, supporting but most importantly learning and developing your Welsh skills.

Show Racism the Red Card - Wear Red Day

On Friday the 18th of October staff were encouraged to wear red in a national day of action against racism. Show Racism The Red Card annually holds its Wear Red Day (WRD) in October. Schools, businesses and individuals are encouraged to wear red and donate £1 to help facilitate the delivery of anti-racism education for young people and adults throughout Wales, England and Scotland.

Every penny raised enables the campaign to work with more young people and adults across the UK to challenge racism in society. Executive board member for equalities, Cllr Cefin Campbell, said: “Racism is completely unacceptable in a civilized society and all efforts should be made to educate people about the need to show respect for fellow human beings irrespective of their ethnic background.” Carmarthenshire County Council’s Equality and Diversity Policy applies to all council employees and everyone has a responsibility to embrace and support equality and diversity and to challenge behaviour and attitudes that prevent us from achieving this.

Those experiencing racism at work are advised to contact their line manager, human resources representative or trade union representative. Staff are advised to raise their concern through CCC’s appropriate policy and procedures. This includes a reference to the Grievance Policy and Procedure or the Dignity at Work Policy and Procedure as appropriate. If you or someone you know are experiencing racism support is also available at:

  • Show Racism The Red Card (Wales): 02920 236 057
  • SARI (Stand Against Racism & Inequality): 0117 942 0060

Mental Health Awareness Day

On October 10th the Environment Department’s Health and Wellbeing Champions assisted the authorities Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinators in delivering a series of tea and talk sessions. Did you know that 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health in our lifetime? 

The aim of these sessions was to raise awareness of mental health and the support available to our staff. Our staff were provided with the opportunity to speak about mental health in a positive environment, with information and resources from various support services available. 

Tea, Coffee and light refreshments were available and staff were invited to call in anytime during the session to have a tea and a chat and find out more. There is a range of support available if you or someone you know are being affected by mental health:

  • Occupational Health: Occupationalhealth@carmarthenshire.gov.uk / 01267 246060
  • Mental Health Foundation (Cardiff): 02921 679 400
  • Carmarthen Mind Cymru: 01267 222990
  • Samaritans: 116 123 (free)
  • The Twilight Sanctuary Llanelli: 01554 253193

Macmilan Coffee Morning Success

October saw the nation do their bit to support Macmillan by taking part in the nation’s largest coffee morning. The Environment Department took part this year by hosting a number of coffee mornings throughout various department locations which included Parc Myrddin, County Hall, Cillefwr and Trostre Depot.

As a department, many of us have been touched by cancer in one way or another and by hosting and attending these coffee morning’s it was our small way of contributing towards such a great cause. The Environment department raised in excess of £1000 this year. An excellent effort and a huge thank you to all who contributed! If you or someone you know is being affected by cancer then you can call Macmillan for support on 0808 808 00 00.

Depot visits

Back in February, a series of Welsh language leader meet and greets were held in various Environment locations in Carmarthen. Feedback received from these meet and greets included suggestions for more operational staff targeted visits. The Welsh Language leaders responded to this feedback and as a result have recently completed a series of visits to operational staff in depots including Cillefwr, Trostre, Unit 10 and Glanamman. These visits provided operatives with the opportunity to find out more about the Welsh language leaders scheme and Welsh learning and development opportunities. The operatives were also invited to take part in an interactive quiz and the winning teams were awarded some Welsh prizes. The Welsh language leaders would like to share a massive thanks to the operational staff for taking the time to attend the visits and would also like to thank the managerial and supervisory staff for assisting with the delivery of each visit. If you are intrested in finding out more about Welsh learning and development opportunities then please contacts Kelly Morris (Learning and Development Advisor Welsh Language) KellyAMorris@carmarthenshire.gov.uk or call 01267 246774

Staff Newsletter October 19

Enjoy reading your October 2019 Staff Newsletter.

Property Division

The Property Division continues to be realigned to help us focus on the Council’s current and future property maintenance, property design and facilities management requirements.

A summary of the revised structure, functions and key contacts for each Section within Property is available under ''Property'' on the Environment page and under the “Organisational Structure” section of the Intranet.

Recruitment to a range of vacant posts is ongoing as the structure is rolled out in each Team.

Welsh Language Leader Depot Visits

Your opportunity as operational staff to find out more about the Welsh Language Leaders' scheme, the learning opportunities available for Welsh, take part in an interactive quiz, and have a chat and a cuppa with the Leaders.

Highways and Transport

Cillefwr Depot, Meeting Room 2, Highways:

  •   6th of Sept @ 14:30
  • 13th of Sept @ 14:30
  • 20th of Sept @ 14:30

Glanamman Depot:

  • 16th of Sept @ 08:30
  • 23rd of Sept @ 08:30


Cillefwr Depot, Meeting Room 1, Property:

  • 6th of Sept @ 09: 00

Trostre Depot:

  • 4th of Oct @ 09: 00


Shaun Miles completed BSc Construction Management & Technology.

Gary Clark completed Bachelor of Engineering.

Karen Mole-Davies completed a foundation degree in Construction Management and Technology.

Rose Mathews, Zoe Smith and Kelly Thomas who have completed their pool bike induction.

Staff Pool Bike Scheme Parc Myrddin

Need to undertake short journeys for work purposes around Carmarthen? Consider using the Staff Pool Bikes Scheme Pilot

Benefits include:

  • Keeping or getting fit
  • Doing your bit to reduce pollution and help save the environment by not using a car
  • Enjoying the summer weather

Contact Kelly to learn more and book an induction - extension 5130.

The induction is a short ride around town to familiarise yourself with the bike and equipment available for use.  

Once your induction has successfully been completed the bikes are available to book via outlook.



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