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Our Health & Well-Being Activities/Groups

Staff Yoga Classes Online

Weekly Sessions:

  • Monday at 12.15pm for 30 mins
  • Thursday at 7.30am for 45 mins

All sessions are delivered via Microsoft Teams. All Environment staff welcome!

Parc Myrddin e-coffee catch up

We felt it is so important to give staff an opportunity to have contact with staff outside of their work team.

We all miss those non work related chats and this is a chance for all staff who would normally see each other in the kitchen or in passing on site in Parc Myrddin to reconnect and get back in touch. I'm sure we have a lot of people we can think of that we haven't seen/connected with since March 2020, so this will be an ideal opportunity.

Meeting colleagues for informal non work related chats is fully supported by senior management and corporately - therefore please use the opportunity to have a short break from work, relax with a cuppa and chat.

Click here to join the meeting every Friday 2.30pm

Click here to join the meeting

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