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Health and Wellbeing Fayre

Date: 30/11/2020 - 4/12/2020

Thanks to everyone who attended our first ever Virtual Health and Wellbeing Fayre at the beginning of December. After a week of extremely successful sessions, we are pleased to summarise the sessions below. 

Please make use of the recordings and resources available, if you weren't able to attend any of the sessions.

We'd appreciate your feedback whether you attended the Fayre or not. Please fill in our short feedback form.

Session Summaries

Heather Fish started each day of our Health & Wellbeing week with 5-10 minutes of calm. Each day she took attendees through a different mindfulness meditation to provide a healthy start for the mind, but also to provide them with tools they can use throughout the day by themselves. 

This session was run by our libraries team and gave a detailed overview of the vast range of resources available to us as staff and residents of Carmarthenshire, both online and within our library buildings. These include online books, audio books, access to comic books, magazines and journals, children’s resources, online courses such as language learning, and much more. Join the library today to find out what else is available to you!

This session was run with our Wellbeing Support Practitioner and Health & Wellbeing Team and invited managers throughout the authority to share and discuss the importance of supporting their own and their team’s wellbeing. This session encouraged the sharing of good practice, challenges experienced, and provided guidance on the practical steps and strategies to improving resilience and wellbeing. Further sessions focused on supporting the wellbeing of our managers will be communicated in due course.

Our Meet your Health and Wellbeing Champions session provided staff with the opportunity to meet some of our Health and Wellbeing Champions. A discussion-based session; the Champions provided a first-hand account of the role, and of their experiences.  

Find out who your Health and Wellbeing Champions are, or become a Champion today!

This session invited one of Time to Change Wales’ Champions to deliver an anti-stigma talk to staff. Connor, our guest speaker, provided a detailed and personal talk about how he has been affected by mental health and why it is so important that we continue to tackle the stigma which still surrounds mental health in many workplaces. An audio recording of this session is now available for those who missed it.

Hywel Thomas and Delyth Davies from our Actif Communities team took us through a range of activities and events that are available across Carmarthenshire, including walking sports, ‘Mums let's Move’ sessions and much more.  

Find out more about Actif Communities' initiatives, and get involved!

Health & Wellbeing Champion Gill Grennan-Jenkins led this discussion, sharing her personal experience of her journey with menopause and how she dealt with her symptoms (which were some of the less well known). Gill also shared some fantastic resources from a Dr who specialises in supporting woman who are perimenopausal. Here are some of the resources Gill shares:


This session was delivered live by one of the Actif team who ran a 30-minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) session. HIIT classes are one of the many classes available to members of the new Actif Anywhere application so this gave staff the opportunity to give it a try. This session encouraged staff to get active during the day and showed that a good workout doesn’t always have to take up too much time!


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Heather Fish, an experienced Mindfulness instructor, gave an overview of Minfulness in this introductory session. The session consisted of an overview of the history of Mindfulness, and two practices that allowed the audience to experience first-hand how beneficial it is.

Matthew Miller, who is a passionate choir singer, organised the most enjoyable session of singing and laughter. Matthew took everyone through a voice warm-up and then a series of Christmas Carols. Everyone enjoyed the session so much, another was arranged for the following week. 
This session was run by our Learning & Development team and focused on the benefits for our mental health and wellbeing of continued learning, specifically learning to speak Welsh. Some of the key benefits include boosting confidence, establishing a routine, being part of a community and keeping our minds active. Attendees also learned about how they can get involved with learning to speak Welsh through the Authority - contact the Learning & Development team to find out more. 

This session invited staff to join a live yoga session delivered by our Actif team. Yoga is great for our physical and mental wellbeing and is one of the many classes delivered live on a weekly basis via the Actif Anywhere application. This was a great opportunity for staff to try out a gentle yoga class free of charge.

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This session was delivered by our Alcohol and Substance Misuse team who provided a detailed overview of the team’s service and the range of support that they provide to those who require help. This informative session also covered the importance of considering our alcohol intake and provided access to a range of useful resources to help us keep track of our habits as part of looking after our mental and physical health.


This session was run by Dean from Physiotherapy Wales who gave an informative and interactive talk focused on Arthritis. Attendees learned about some of signs and causes of arthritis, the behaviours that we can adopt to reduce our risk of developing arthritis, the different types of arthritis and various forms of treatment for the condition.

This session was delivered by Nicola from Waverley Health Stores of Carmarthen. Nicola provided an informative talk about the range of vegetarian and vegan products available at the store and the importance of using local and organic produce. We also learned 3 chosen recipes from the store’s restaurant menu and heard about other services available including seasonal fruit and veg boxes for collection and delivery.


To finish off the week, we invited staff to attend an informal e-coffee where we could switch off for 30 minutes and socialise with other colleagues over a tea or coffee, something many of us have missed since working remotely. This session gave staff the opportunity to meet with colleagues from different teams and departments, have a chat without worrying about work-related topics and relax. We hope to offer similar sessions moving forward.

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