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Keep making a difference

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021

We’d like to thank all of those who submitted their own story or experience of kindness – it was great to read about the kindness in our community. We have chosen some of our favourite stories, which you can now read below:

Proud Grandmother 

I wanted to share a lovely story of kindness from my Grandson as it made me very proud. During lockdown last year, whilst he was off school, my Grandson started to help the elderly neighbours with their gardening. He would spend hours mowing their lawn or weeding the garden and planting new flowers without asking for anything in return. It was a selfless act which made a big difference to the neighbours during a tough time. 

Cwmaman Food Bank 

I volunteer every Friday at the food bank which started last May serving those in need in our local Community. I work as part of a wonderful team volunteers who give their time willingly to ensure that families in need are helped out on a weekly basis. We pack around 50 food boxes a week and deliver them to the families in the locality. We have good support from the local town council, Carmarthenshire CC and others, Volunteers, Centre management staff and people and businesses who donate. It is lovely to be surrounded by so much kindness and to contribute to the local community. 

Surprise Afternoon Tea 

During the first lockdown last year, I heard a surprise knock on the door on a Monday afternoon. To my shock, I had an afternoon tea from a local cafe delivered and addressed to me. I then received a message later that day from a friend who lives abroad, taking responsibility for the secret afternoon tea order. It was a lovely surprise that helped to lift my spirits during a difficult time. The fact that they had gone out of their way to think of me and order it for me made me happier than actually eating it (It was very nice, however!) 

Neighbourly Kindness 

During the first lockdown back in March 2020, I found myself living in a small first floor flat without access to a garden or any outdoor space. My neighbour who lived beneath me was staying with an elderly family member elsewhere and kindly offered me the use of her garden. With parks and open spaces being closed to the public, being able to sit outside in the fresh air and sunshine made such a huge difference to my wellbeing. I'll always appreciate this kind gesture from a neighbour I had only met once, it really helped me during a difficult time. 

Steve the Superhero 

We live in a small village to the north of Carmarthen which is situated in the countryside surrounded by beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the local area we live in and there’s a real problem in the village with the peaceful country lanes being used as a dumping ground for litter. It’s so disheartening to see discarded food packaging, crisp packets, empty coffee cups, cans and plastic bottles along the grass verges and rubbish thrown in the hedges. The situation has recently got worse due to an increase in the volume of traffic using these small country lanes to travel to Llanpumsaint as a result of a road closure near Bronwydd. It’s very disappointing to think that some people have such mindless disrespect for the countryside which we should all take pride in doing our utmost to protect. It’s difficult to understand why people do it and how they think this behaviour is acceptable. We are very lucky to have Steve, our very own local superhero who lives in the village and regularly patrols the area armed with his rubbish grabber and blue recycling bags. Steve gives up hours of his time to collect litter during his lunch breaks, and on evenings and weekends. On one occasion Steve managed to fill a dozen blue bags full of recycling waste. It’s quite unbelievable how quickly the volume of rubbish builds up, but no matter how bad the situation gets, Steve never gives up on this thankless task. He always gets the job done and what a massive difference it makes to the local area. The world needs more people like Steve who takes real pride in looking after the countryside and really makes a difference in our local community. This selfless gesture helps restores faith in humanity and reminds us what kindness is. As the saying goes: ‘many hands make light work’ so why not give litter picking a go in your local community to help tackle this problem? Diolch yn fawr, you’re a star! 

A Warming Gesture 

One morning recently, I went out to my car not quite realising how cold it had been overnight. I sat in my car with the engine running and the fans blowing to try to clear the windscreen. My neighbour happened to be outside also trying to de-ice his car and noticed me. He came over and poured all the water from his kettle over my windscreen and each window around the car. It was only a small gesture, but I was very appreciative that he'd gone out of his way to help (and saved me going back into the house to get my kettle!). 

The Lidl Things mean a lot 

Whilst entering Lidl supermarket recently with my 4-year-old son (who insists on pushing the mini trolleys around the shop every time), I realised that I didn't have a pound coin in my wallet. My son was understandably upset when I explained this to him, as he was already waiting for me to free the trolley from its shackles.  
In the meantime, a lady (I presume in her 70s) walked by and overheard the conversation. She looked at my son and without thinking twice, reached into her purse and gave him a pound coin so that he could use the trolley. My son was beaming, and although I tried to persuade her to take her pound back (I had no cash to offer her in return), she refused. This was probably 4 weeks ago, and my son still talks about the kind lady who gave him a pound for the trolley almost daily. 

New Staff Member 

Last week I met a new staff member for the first time in the office. My random act of kindness to them was to buy them a coffee and brownie from the coffee van. 


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