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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Related Absences

It is essential that at all Coronavirus (COVID-19) related absences are entered via the MyView account as soon as they are reported. 

In terms of recording the absence on My View, the codes that are to be used can be found here.

You will have employees who are still attending their place of work and employees who are working at home. The following guidance applies in both instances:

Any member of staff who is required to self-isolate should:

  • Call their manager as early as possible to report that they are self-isolating.
  • If they’re well enough to work and are homeworking, they should continue to work from home.
  • If they’re not well enough to work or their role is not suitable for homeworking, then they must not attend work for the duration of the isolation period.
  • A GP’s ‘fit note’ will not be required for the 10-day isolation period.
  • If an employee is symptomatic beyond the 10-day self-isolation period they are advised to seek a ‘fit note’ from day 11 of absence from their GP.
  • It is important that managers continue to provide appropriate support to employees through the Authority’s sickness absence procedures currently as we continue to have a duty of care to our employees.


An employee who is unwell and prevented from attending work because of coronavirus is entitled to receive normal pay. The first 10 days of sickness absence due to coronavirus, ie. the initial 10-day self-isolation period, shall not be reckoned against the employee’s entitlements under the sickness pay scheme.

Normal sick pay arrangements will apply from the 11th day of absence if the employee continues to be unwell. During the 10-day self-isolation period there is no requirement for self/medical certificates to be submitted. A ‘fit note’ is required from the 11th day of absence from their GP.

Sickness absence triggers

In terms of triggers, any coronavirus sickness absence reported and recorded against the coronavirus code during the first 12 weeks of absence following the onset of coronavirus symptoms does not count towards the triggers for instigating formal processes. This includes a continuous or discontinuous absence period(s) of sickness absence within this 12-week period.

Occupational Health

Occupational Health are continuing to take new referrals but cannot take referrals for COVID-19 related fitness for work advice.

Page updated: 27/10/2021 13:25:45