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Stage 3: Attendance Management Meeting

The Line Manager may be accompanied by another manager or HR Advisor at this meeting.  The employee will be informed in advance in the invite letter that the outcome of this meeting may be dismissal on the grounds of ill health capability. When considering a final decision on ill health capability it is important that you have an updated medical report from an Occupational Health Doctor.

In all cases when dismissal on ill health capability is being considered the Director or nominated representative should be informed and advice sought from a HR Advisor in advance of this meeting. 

The purpose of the 3rd Stage Attendance Management Meeting is as follows:

  • To review the employees attendance record during the relevant period and if relevant, the previous 3 years attendance record will be taken into consideration
  • To review the steps taken to support the employee in achieving the required level of attendance
  • To give the employee the opportunity to discuss any problems or raise any concerns
  • To discuss any medical advice that has been received
  • To inform the employee whether they will be dismissed on the grounds of ill health capability

If at the 3rd Stage Attendance Management Meeting the decision is not to dismiss then the same principle will be in place as at the other stages.

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