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Parental leave to care for a child during Covid-19

During Covid-19 we can also consider paid time off parental leave for a child in self-isolation / clinically extremely vulnerable child that is shielding / school closure during tier 4 lockdown. If you find yourself in this situation and are not able to work from home, discuss your situation with your line manager using the following checklist:-

  • What would you normally do in an emergency childcare situation?
  • Is the usual default still an option?
  • Is childcare an issue for particular times of the day/night or the whole time?
  • Have homeworking options in respect of your role been explored?
  • Has your manager explored potential alternative work i.e. a specific short-term project work from other areas of the department?
  • Do you share your household with other adults that could support with the childcare arrangement? i.e. partner, older siblings etc?
  • Sometimes the age and maturity of the child will allow further flexibility. Is that a consideration that you can explore further?
  • Are there extended family members from outside the household that could provide childcare support?
  • Would an alternative working pattern be feasible? i.e. working alternate times to another person/persons who can share the responsibility?
  • Is there potential to work reduced hours for this temporary period (pay remains unaffected)?



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