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Choosing a Default Browser

Using Carmarthenshire County Council equipment, you will have access to 4 different browsers, you can use the one that you are most comfortable with but there are certain applications that work best in certain browsers. With this in mind, we have given you full control over what browsers you use and when, with the following recommendations in place.

How to change your default Browser

1. Press start and click “Settings”

2. Click “Apps”

3. Choose “Default Apps” from the bar on the left

4. Scroll down to “Web Browser” and click it, from here you can choose any browser you have installed.

5. If you want to use “Chrome” for example, and you don’t see it in the list, click the “Software Center” Icon on your desktop

6. Find “Chrome” (Or Firefox) and click it, then click again to install.



Due to various development and compatibility issues the following is a guide to what browsers are most suited to each of our In-house applications, some apps will appear under multiple headings, you can then use your personal preference.


Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox
Firmstep CaseViewer     Recommended  
PIMS Recommended      
Gladstone360     Recommended  
Cash Receipting Recommended      
Information@Work Enterprise        
Registrars RON Recommended      
ResourceLink (MyView)   Recommended Supported  
ResourceLink (WebView)   Recommended Supported  
Agresso Recommended   Supported Supported
Carefirst Recommended      
Eclipse   Recommended    
iWorld Supported Supported Supported Supported

Browsers Explained

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

This is the “built in” browser with Windows and the one you are most likely to be familiar with, in newer versions of Windows 10 it is being replaced by Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

This is Microsoft's new flagship browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Another popular choice, Firefox is an Open source browser developed by the non-profit Mozilla foundation.

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