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Expression of Interest Request

An Expression of Interest (EOI) can be viewed as a business case for requesting resource or Digital Transformation Steering Group (DTSG) funding. It gives justification of the requested work/project, and will help the service to prioritise (with the support of your head of service) the work required by your department.

Service managers MUST submit an EOI request:

  • For Digital Transformation Projects.
  • To bid for DTSG funding.
  • When requiring IT resource for projects or planned items of work.
  • For any integration work with our internal financial systems (i.e. Agresso and CAPITA).

EOIs will be reviewed on a weekly basis by ICT Services. Once your request is reviewed, IT will forward to your departmental IT Steering group, this group meets monthly and its responsibility include authorising the priority of the EOI against agreed departmental projects. Following the decision to continue, a Project Officer would be assigned to carry out full engagement with the project lead, to gain a better understanding of the requirements and extent of the work to be carried out. Our Project Officers will then feedback to an IT decision-making group, who will discuss the request and assess if there is capacity to complete the required work. If the request is approved by the decision-making group, then the project will be added to ICT Services’ Forward Work Programme for delivery. Projects (depending on the scale or corporate impact) may also need to feed into DTSG for approval, and any funding requests will filter for DTSG consideration before the project is approved for delivery.

Annual Business Planning process will have established key priorities for your departments in advance, which will be the main focus for delivery, therefore, it may be necessary for the Department Steering group to reject, remove or delay existing departmental projects from our current work programme to carry out your new request.

To further increase the chance of your EOI request being approved, please ensure it is submitted at the earliest opportunity.

Submit EOI Request

Important: EOI requests should not be submitted for IT related issues/faults. For instances like these please log a call with the IT Helpdesk Self-Service

New System/Application Considerations

Information systems acquisition, development and maintenance Information Systems should not be acquired without the explicit consent from ICT Services to ensure that systems are safe, secure and compatible with our ICT Infrastructure. This includes new (and upgrades to) cloud-based systems, operating systems, infrastructure, business applications, off-the-shelf products, services and user-developed applications that support the business process.

The first stage when looking to procure a new system/application or upgrade to a newer model/version of your current system, is to submit an EOI request (please see the above information and link to the EOI request form). Before IT commit to the work required to help plan and implement the new system, you will need to obtain assurances from the New System Approvers, to ensure the new system meets their requirements. After the initial EOI Meeting with your IT Project Officer, you should look to engage with the required New System Approvers, and provide them with the information, assurances and documents they require, in order to get their approval to proceed with the project.

New System Approvers

  • ICT Security – Richard Williams
  • Data Protection Compliance and Data Processing – John Tillman
  • Corporate and Welsh Policy – Llinos Evans (Policy)
  • Corporate Procurement – Julian Lewis/Chris Davies
  • Public Facing Systems/Applications – Deina Hockenhull (Media & Marketing)
  • CCC Financial System Integration – Karen L Mansel (Agresso) OR Judith Elms (CAPITA)

Please note: The approvals you’ll need to obtain will depend on the system you are implementing and the information it will hold, you may only need to obtain approvals from specific Approvers. During the initial EOI meeting with your IT Project officer, you will discuss and agree on the approvals that are required.

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