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How to log a call with us

Where possible we would encourage you to log your IT issues and requests via our Self-Service portal.

If you are working from home and unable to access Self-Service please contact via telephone 01267 246789.

Logging self-service calls in place of phoning the IT Helpdesk or sending us an e-mail allows us to allocate more of our resources to resolving IT issues and actioning requests, rather than spending our time creating the calls on your behalf. We understand that it is not always possible or practical for calls to be logged via self-service (for example urgent calls that require immediate attention), and in these instances please ring the IT Helpdesk on ext: 6789.

What information do I need to provide?

Getting as much good information to us as possible in your initial self-service call will allow us to resolve the issue you’re having, or process a request for you, much more quickly. Below is some brief guidance on the information required to log a good call, and what we need to process particular call requests.

  • Contact Name: If you are logging a call on someone else’s behalf then please state their full name in the call description. There is no need to state your own name as these details will be captured automatically.
  • Contact Number: If you have an additional contact number to the one displayed in the ‘Please confirm your contact telephone number’ section then please also state this in the call description. If you are out of the office a lot then a mobile number would also be useful.
  • Location: Room, Building, Town.
  • Device(s) Affected: PC, laptop, iPad, printer etc.
  • Description of Fault/Request: As stated earlier the more details you can give us about the issue the quicker we will be able to fix it. Below are some suggestions:
    • What is the issue?
    • Who is affected?
    • When did it start?
    • How did it start? Did you change something that may have caused the issue?
    • Is it affecting other users when they log on to your PC/laptop?
    • Do you have the same issue when you log on to other PCs/laptops?
    • Is it an intermittent issue or constant?
    • Have you tried any trouble shooting fixes yourself? If so what did you try?
    • Have you tried logging off, restarting or powering down your device?
  • Is the issue stopping you (and others) from working?
  • How many people are affected and who are they?
  • PC / Laptop Computer Name (also called ‘Host name’): This will be filled in automatically, however if the issue is with a different PC/laptop to the one you are logging the call on then please also put this on the call. You can get the computer name by double clicking on the red ‘?’ on your desktop.
  • Printer Equipment Number: On the front of the Konica printers there is a long equipment number. Please provide us with the ‘KM_ _ _’ number at the end of this equipment number for any printer calls.
  • Preferred Method of Contact: Phone, email, Skype for Business etc.

Technical terminology can be useful but it is by no means essential for you to log your call. Just try and describe the issue or request as best as you can so we can deal with it quickly for you.

Log a self-service call 

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