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Bitlocker: Laptop Encryption

Since late 2016, laptops provided by IT Services are protected by Microsoft Bitlocker encryption. By changing our encryption software to Bitlocker we are now able to offer added benefits, such a single PIN per device and PIN self-service.

What happens if I forget my PIN?

You will have been asked to choose a PIN when your device was setup in order to unlock the laptop. If you forget your PIN and are unable to log in to your device you now have two options.

Option 1: Self Service (Recommended): If you have access to another device (PC or Laptop) which is connected to our network, you will be able to unlock the laptop yourself and choose a new PIN.

Please Note:  This process will only work if you have logged on to the laptop in the past.

  1. On the other device, log in to Windows with your user account details
  2. Open up an internet browser and navigate to https://bitlocker
  3. Turn on your laptop and hit the Escape key to bring up Bitlocker recovery
  4. Enter the first 8 characters of your recovery key ID (displayed on your laptop) into the ‘Recovery Key ID’ field on Bitlocker self-service, change the ‘Reason’ to ‘Lost PIN/Passphrase’ and click ‘Get Key’
  5. Enter the 48 digit code recovery key in to your laptop and hit enter, if the key is correct, Windows should begin to load as normal

Option 2: IT Service Desk: If you don’t have access to another device to unlock the laptop yourself, you can ring the IT Service Desk on 01267 24(6789) and we will go through the process with you over the phone.

How do I change my PIN?

  1. Once you have logged in to Windows, click on the Start button, then Control Panel. In the Control Panel search box, type ‘BitLocker Encryption Options’ and press Enter
  2. Select ”Manage your PIN” to change your PIN. Type your new PIN into both fields and then select Reset PIN

I don’t have Bitlocker on my laptop, can I get it?

The answer to this depends on the make and model of your laptop – if your laptop model is supported and you aren’t running Bitlocker then log a call with the IT Service Desk to be upgraded.

Lenovo: Supported on all models

Toshiba: Supported on some models - if you have a Toshiba Tecra then you can be upgraded. Testing currently being carried out on all other models.

Panasonic: Supported on all models

Page updated: 26/03/2018 10:19:08