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Breakout Rooms for Training Sessions

STEP 1: Create main meeting from Outlook and invite all participants

Create a ‘New Teams Meeting’ within Outlook and invite all the attendees.

The purpose of this Main Training Room is to have one single location for all participants to start/end the training session, as well as to re-group after using the Breakout Rooms.

STEP 2: Create Breakout Room meetings and allocate participants

Create a ‘New Teams Meeting’ within Outlook for each Breakout Room and invite specific attendees who are assigned to each Breakout Room.  Also send to the trainer to allow them the ability to drop-in on the Breakout sessions to provide guidance as needed.

STEP 3: Ask participants to join Breakout Room session

The trainer will communicate when it is time for participants to join their allocated Breakout Room and when to return to the Main Training Room.

STEP 4: Joining Breakout Room meeting as an organiser

The trainer can drop-in on each breakout session to see how things are going and see if there are any questions by clicking on a Breakout Room meeting from their calendar and then the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ link of the room meeting.

STEP 5: Close Breakout Room meetings and Ask participants to come back to main meeting

Participants can be brought back to the Main Training Room in three ways:

  • Drop-in on each of the Breakout Rooms using the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ link (as outlined in Step 4) and ask participants to reconvene in the Main Training Room.
  • Send a message in the meeting chat to ask all attendees to leave the Breakout Room and join the Main Training Room.
  • Call participants back to the Main Training Room by going to Participants, then x3 dots and ‘Ask to Join’.

Participants can also be removed from a room if required by clicking on the Participants icon from within a specific room, the x3 dots and ‘Remove Participant’.

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