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Alert Level 4: Lockdown from midnight 19th December

All of Wales is at alert level 4, the national message is to stay at home and only venture out if it is essential, for example to access health care, for shopping, to exercise outdoors, to support someone who is vulnerable, or for work purposes.

You must now work from home. If your role doesn’t allow you to work from home, or it is deemed essential that you attend your place of work, the social distancing regulations remain unchanged – it is vitally important that you follow these regulations.

For the latest information on Coronavirus, please visit our Coronavirus guidance page.

MS OneDrive on Mobile Devices

MS OneDrive is available to enable you to access & transfer photos taken with your Android Handsets.

You will have the option to use MS OneDrive to take photos.  These will automatically save, and will become accessible on any device that you use and log into OneDrive.  This also creates a backup, should the handset become lost/damaged.  Data or Wifi signal is required for this to work.

To use OneDrive to take and save photos, please carry out the following:

  • Open up ‘One Drive’ on your mobile device
  • Click on the plus sign (+) on the bottom right hand side of the screen (blue circle)
  • You will need to slide across and choose photo or document. Aim and click to take photo
  • Option to either delete (bin symbol) or keep (tick symbol) will appear
  • Once you have hit the tick option, the photo will automatically be transferred into your One Drive folder
  • You are able to edit the photo and change the title before you save it

[Unfortunately, the same doesn’t apply to taking videos, but this is being looked into.]

Mobile signal can be very intermittent throughout the County, but you are still able to take photos using the phone camera. These can then be uploaded to MS OneDrive once you are at a site where there is wifi or a data signal available. It is advisable to upload the photos on a daily basis or more regularly as large amounts can be very time consuming and data draining and we cannot retrieve lost photos from devices.

To transfer photos taken with the mobile device camera:

  • Open up ‘One Drive’ on your mobile device
  • Click on the plus sign (+) at the top right of the screen (next to the magnifying glass)
  • Select ‘Upload’
  • Select photo/’s
  • The photos may, at this stage, upload to OneDrive automatically

If not, you will need to:

  • Allow One Drive access to Photos
  • Select the photos you wish to transfer
  • You will have to select the Tick to upload 

If this fails then you will need to transfer directly from the photos app:

  • Open Photos App
  • Select photos to upload
  • Click on photo
  • Click on share icon 
  • Choose the ‘Switch to Work’ option
  • Select OneDrive from the options
  • Choose the folder within OneDrive to save to ‘Attachments/Documents’ or create one for photos
  • Click on the tick symbol 


To transfer photos/documents from text messages:

  • Click on photo/document in the message, click on the share symbol
  • Scroll across the top options until you see OneDrive
  • Select OneDrive
  • Choose the folder within OneDrive to save to: ‘Attachments/Documents’ or create one for photos
  • Click on the tick symbol 


To login to MS OneDrive on your laptop:

  • If your device has been upgraded to Windows 10, please follow the below steps to get OneDrive activated on your laptops.


Double click the MS One Drive Icon to open, which can be found on the bottom right hand side of the taskbar.

You will be prompted to sign in with your domain username and password. Keep clicking next, until set up is complete.

Go to ‘My Computer’/’This PC’, where there should be a OneDrive folder available. You can right click on this folder and create a shortcut to your desktop or task bar.

MS OneDrive will now be ready for use.

You may also need to input your username and password on the phone handset.

You only need to delete from one device, this will replicate to all devices with your One Drive account.

Photos taken using the phone camera will need to be deleted manually from within the photos app.


  • If your device is running Windows 7, then it will need to be upgraded:

Please log a call with the IT Helpdesk via the Self-Service Portal, stating the OS needs to be upgraded to WIN10. Please include this instruction on the call and a note that MS OneDrive needs to be activated for your use.


Page updated: 12/03/2020 16:15:50