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Video Calling

Video Calling allows you to see and hear the person you're talking to on your computer or mobile device, and lets them see and hear you. This is a great alternative to having a face-to-face meeting with someone.

We recommend that you watch this short video tutorial by Microsoft on how to make a video call on Skype for Business.

video calling

To make full use of the video calling feature you will need a webcam and either computer speakers (laptops and mobile devices will have these built in) or a headset.

Any IT equipment can be purchased through our IT Procurement team. To purchase Skype equipment please log a call via the IT Helpdesk, calls will need to be logged from an Authorised Signatory and a cost code must be provided.

Making a video call

Ok let’s make a start! First you will need to locate the person you want to video call by finding them either using the search box or in your Contacts List.

  1. Find the search box on your Skype for Business contacts page, just below the Contacts tab.
  2. Click in the search box and type the name you want to search.
  3. Hover over their picture in the Contacts List and click the video icon  on the Quick Launch Bar.*
  4. A small popup window will appear on your contact’s screen, which they can use to accept or ignore your request.
  5. Clicking on the contacts name or picture on the popup window will accept the request and begin the video call. Clicking on the ‘ignore’ option on the popup window will decline the call.
  6. If the video call is accepted, the conversation window expands to display the video.

You can also create a video call for a group of people, to do this right click on the group in your contact list and click ‘Start Video Call’. If you haven't created any groups have a look at how to manage your contacts

If you just want to make an audio call follow the same steps but instead of clicking on the video icon in the Quick Launch Bar you click on the audio icon .

*Tip: If you are already in an Instant Message (IM) with the contact you can click the video icon in the message window to turn the IM into a video call.

Within the video call window there are a number of icons which allow you to access different functions during the call. Below are some of the important ones and brief explanation of their functions.

  1. Message Icon: Opens the text chat within your video call, allowing you to send text messages to the video call participants.
  2. Video Icon: Clicking this icon will stop your video being displayed to the other participants, they will still be able to hear you. Click it a second time to turn your video back on.
  3. Microphone icon: Mutes your mic.
  4. Screen icon: Clicking this icon will give you multiple options. Some of the most useful are the ability to share your PC desktop screen with the other participants in the call, present PowerPoint presentations, share and use a whiteboard space and create a poll.
  5. Red button: Ends the video call.
  6. Plus icon: Allows you to add other participants to the video call.

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