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Welsh Events

Clwb Clebran

Many Council staff have noticed that they don’t have as many opportunities to use their Welsh language skills now that they no longer work mainly in the Council's buildings. There are fewer opportunities to speak Welsh with other staff over coffee, in the kitchen or in the corridors. To support our’s staff’s language use, the Council have set up a series of monthly online events to give Council staff the opportunity to hear and use Welsh in an informal atmosphere.

Following a staff survey, the name Clwb Clebran was selected for the series, which captures the intended, informal ‘chatting’ atmosphere of the sessions.

The events will include talks about sport, food, films, festivals, quizzes and much more and it is an opportunity for staff to maintain their Welsh language skills by talking about non work-related things. Look out for the Clwb Clebran on the What's on intranet pages.

We hope that Clwb Clebran will encourage staff to retain their confidence in their Welsh language skills and that this will naturally transfer to providing quality Welsh language services to our users.


Special guests and chatting over coffee

There are also opportunities for learners from beginners to intermediate to hear the language and practice their learning in an informal session organised by Learn Welsh Carmarthenshire. This includes meeting special guests and having a chat over coffee. Take a look at this link for further information and enjoy practising your Welsh and meeting new people.


Learn Welsh

The National Centre for Learning Welsh also hold various events, take a look at their page for up-to-date information


If you would like to discuss any of these opportunities further, please contact Kelly Morris.

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