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Level 1 - Work Welsh Welcome

Level 1 - Work Welsh Welcome

Who is it aimed at?

You can achieve level 1 Welsh by completing one of the five different Work Welsh online courses. They are broken into 10 units, which allow you to access them from various electronic devices and are tailored around the following five areas:

By choosing one of the above, you should gain a greater understanding of Welsh. You should be able to start and end a conversation in Welsh whilst meeting and greeting colleagues, customers and partners using Welsh phrases.

What are the objectives?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Meet and greet colleagues, customers and partners using Welsh phrases.
  • Respond to initial enquiries in Welsh and to transfer callers to other Welsh speakers who can help them further.
  • Start and end a conversation or a meeting in Welsh.

How will it make a difference?

Complete this course to progress to Level 2 Welsh

Registration instruction for staff: Go to learnwelsh.cymru

  • Click on “Get Started, under Welcome, Tourism, Care, Health or Retail.
  • Click on Create Account and follow the instructions
  • Under Getting Started, please select your employer: Carmarthenshire County Council
  • After you select your employer, you can start the 10-hour online course.
  • You will receive an e-mail with a link to start the course.

Staff: please send the following information to Learning and Development so we can update your details accordingly.

  • The email address you’ve used to register online
  • Your employee number
  • Your certificate following course completion

Please note:
This course is delivered by an external organisation.
The course itself is publicly available to individuals who do not work for the Council.



10 hours. Complete the course at a time and pace that suits you. Access from electronic devices at work or at home



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