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Level 3 - Foundation

Level 3 - Foundation

Who is it aimed at?

If you have completed Level 2 Welsh, these courses will continue expanding your speaking skills.

This course is delivered by the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

These courses will be delivered using various online methods. Further information is provided in the course descriptors.

What are the objectives?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand and participate in most normal day-to-day conversations in the office
  • Offer advice to the general public on issues relating to the post. Referring to specialised or technical terms in English. 
  • Contribute to a meeting or a presentation on general issues relating to the post; referring to specialised or technical terms in English. 
  • Understand most of the reports, documents and correspondence that would be expected to be discussed in the normal course of work. 
  • Prepare informal messages and reports for internal use. 

How will it make a difference?

Complete this course to progress to Level 4 Welsh

In order to book this course you will need to:

Please note this course is delivered by an external organisation. Carmarthenshire County Council will only fund this course for its employees.
However, the course itself is publicly available to individuals who do not work for the Council, but a fee may be charged.


Between 5 weeks and 60 weeks


Varies. Up to date costs can be found on the Learn Welsh website

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