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Written Welsh Language Skills - Online Training

Written Welsh Language Skills - Online Training

Who is it aimed at?

Learn Welsh have launched an online course for Welsh speakers aimed at increasing confidence and developing written Welsh language skills. 

It will not take longer than 10 hours, which you can complete on your phone, tablet or computer.

What are the objectives?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand many of the main mutation rules and use them correctly.
  • Understand the difference between words that look similar but have different meanings (e.g. a/â; ac/ag; maen/mae).
  • Use prepositions correctly (e.g. ar, am) and understand how to conjugate them (e.g. arna i, amdana i).
  • Use the past tense confidently and correctly.
  • Understand some of the main rules associated with masculine and feminine words.
  • Use impersonal verbs (e.g. edrychwyd, penderfynwyd) confidently and correctly in documents such as minutes of meetings.
  • Understand how to use the ‘bod’ clause in order to convey ‘that’ (e.g. fy mod i, eu bod nhw)
  • Understand the difference between some Welsh and English patterns, by avoiding literal translation from English.

How will it make a difference?

The course allows you to complete the 10 hours at your own pace of learning. 


10 Hours



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