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Investors in People Champion

Below is a summary of the main tasks IiP Champions will usually carry out:

Team working - Although much of the role may involve solo or paired working, Champions also need to contribute to the collective knowledge and development of the team.

Commitment - Champions should be voluntarily committed to the development programme, and to subsequent involvement in Internal Review.

Time - Champions and their line managers should be aware of the time likely to be required for development, and for carrying out the review.

  • Identifying appropriate methods for evidence collection (i.e individual or group interviews)
  • Deciding which people should be included in the review and selecting a representative sample for interview
  • Scheduling and organising the review/interviews in advance with the help of departmental Business Support/Admin
  • Creating an environment suitable for interviewing
  • Effectively introducing the interview
  • Framing and posing appropriate questions to get information about current practice and performance
  • Listening and note-taking
  • Developing rapport with interviewees
  • Dealing with difficult situations in interviews
  • Effectively closing the interview
  • Accurate recording and cross-referencing of evidence
  • Recording the evidence in the current report format
  • Participate in discussions and reaching sound conclusions with the whole IiP Champion team about the current status (in relation to Investors in People) of a department and organisation as a whole and sharing this information with IiP & People Strategy Steering Group
  • Observing confidentiality requirements
  • Presenting clear and accurate written reports of findings
  • Providing clear and accurate verbal feedback
  • Dealing with difficult situations in feedback meetings

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