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Autism Skilled - Autism Training for Health and Social Care Practitioners

Autism Skilled - Autism Training for Health and Social Care Practitioners

Who is it aimed at?

HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE PRACTITIONERS - This course has been developed to support Health and Social Care professionals working with Autistic individuals (children and adults).
This course is relevant to you if:-

  • you work in a service where you may support autistic people and their families.
  • you need to be aware of how to adapt your practice/communication to support autistic individuals (adults or children)

What are the objectives?

  • This session aims to improve your knowledge and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • This session aims to provide practical ideas and introduce resources which may be useful when supporting autistic individuals.
  • To complete a certification scheme, successful completion of these will prompt download of a certificate.

How will it make a difference?

  • It will improve the knowledge and understanding of ASD of the Social care workforce.
  • It will ensure that the workforce is aware of the resources available for professionals when working with autistic individuals

Delivery method:



3 Hours


No Charge

How to apply:

If you work for Carmarthenshire County Council (CCC) and are logged into a CCC device – PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, complete this application form.

If you work for the Council but do NOT have access to a CCC device or an email address your line manager will need to apply on your behalf.

Council employees cannot apply for any courses from their own personal device.

Partners, agency staff or people who do not work for the Council but meet the eligibility criteria to attend this course should complete this application form.

The online application system will only show courses that are actively open to book a place on. If the course you are interested in isn’t listed you can register an interest with the Learning and Development team, email: <span class="word-break-mobile">learninganddevelopment@carmarthenshire.gov.uk</span>.

Find out more information on how to make and manage your application if you are a council employee or visit this page if you do not directly work for us. It is important that you complete the correct online application form, if you need any assistance or have a query please email the Learning & Development Team.

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