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Moving forward

During 2022 we will see the removal of all coronavirus alert levels, which means we can all start to plan how we will work without restrictions as we move beyond the emergency phase and start to operate under a covid-stable phase.

As an employer we continue to have a legal and moral duty to keep our staff, customers and others that visit our premises safe. This means that, if practicable and cost effective to do so, we will continue to promote the protective behaviours and environmental adaptions that have kept us all safe during the pandemic such as adequate ventilation, physical distancing, and good hygiene practices.

This page will provide you with the information you need as we transition beyond the emergency phase. 

By the end of June managers need to be ready to operate under a covid-stable phase in line with the Welsh Government plan Together for a safer future: Wales Long-terms Covid-19 transition from pandemic to endemic

Robust service contingency plans will also need to be in place so that we are able to react quickly to external factors, such as workplace outbreaks or further restrictions, to ensure business continuity.

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