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01/06/2022 11:30

Is there a plan to ensure our offices are equipped for hosting hybrid meetings? e.g. some attendees are online and some in the office. We need the technology to allow us to work in this hybrid manner.


06/06/2022 13:14

The Better Ways of Working Project provided managers with a framework to look at how people would work moving forward. Part of those discussions was aimed at identifying future IT requirements. If a need for hybrid working technology has been identified by a service area, managers are requested to log a call with our IT helpdesk who will supply the relevant kit. The cost of the hybrid meeting technology will be covered by the relevant department placing the order. Training on how to use the kit will be provided by our IT team upon installation. We are also in the process of developing resources to support staff to hold effective hybrid meetings, which we will roll out once demand is established.

01/06/2022 11:27

When will staff be aware of what facilities are available across the council offices / communities for staff to utilise for 1-1's, team days, meetings, workstations or to touchdown between site visits? Rather than their traditional office base. Will there be any pre booking facility? Will we know if there are desks equipped with additional screens etc?


06/06/2022 12:46

The meeting rooms and corporate touch down spaces we used prior to the pandemic are in the process of being audited to ensure they are ready for use. Once this work is complete, we will let staff know.

Discussions are also underway with Heads of Service in relation to identifying designated working zones in the various administrative buildings. These zones will allow services to configure, equip and use the workplace to best serve their needs.

Once these zones are agreed, we will have a picture of what space may be available to add to the previous bookable corporate areas/meeting rooms.

We are also working with partner organisations to identify opportunities to share space in our communities with a pilot project anticipated shortly at Llandeilo Municipal Offices.

01/06/2022 11:08

When will the agile room in County hall be restored please?


06/06/2022 12:47

The use of the former canteen is presently being reviewed as part of a wider scheme of works at County Hall.

Investment is required to improve data and power links within the former agile working area amongst other requirements in County Hall.

Whilst these necessary works are undertaken, agile working areas in Carmarthen will be available in Parc Myrddin, 3 Spilman and Parc Dewi Sant. Work is currently underway to ensure these spaces are fit for purpose as well as other facilities across the County. Once this work is complete we will let staff know.