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Virtual Clinics

To have a video consultation with the Occupational Health Practitioner (OHPR) you will need:

  • a smartphone, tablet or computer that allows video calling (Microsoft Teams) – remember to make sure your microphone and camera are switched on (headphones with a microphone is helpful but not essential)
  • an internet connection
  • a well-lit quiet and private space so the OHPR can see you clearly
  • if you require support from a family member this can be requested at the beginning of the video consultation so the OHPR is aware they are accompanying you

A video call is very similar to a face-to-face appointment. You will get the same advice and support.

The OHPR will ask you questions about your health to assess your fitness to work and whether you will benefit from further support via the Wellbeing Support Service which can also be via video consultation if you wish. You can also ask any questions you may have.

The practitioner will take notes which will be added to your clinical record after the call and a report will be sent to your line manager/s noted on the referral form with your verbal consent. You can also receive a copy.

The practitioner will make two attempts to contact you at the time of your scheduled appointment. However, if they have not been able to make contact with you within the first 15 minutes of that session; then the appointment will have to be rearranged. Should this be the case, please contact the Occupational Health Team (01267 246 060) to arrange a new appointment.

Please Note: If your video call does not work or you do not have signal, please contact the Occupational Health Team (01267 246 060).


BYOD (bring your own device) allows you to access work data securely from your personal mobile device (Apple or Android). This data is accessed from a variety of Microsoft Apps, which can be downloaded from your App Store, these include Outlook (e-mail), OneDrive (data/file storage), Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Teams/Skype (collaboration and communication).

Alternatively an e-mail can be sent to the employee and the video consultation can be carried out via their laptop or phone as long as they have a camera installed.

You will receive an email to confirm your appointment time and you will receive a video consultation meeting invite via outlook calendar request. You will need to accept this as your initial consent for the consultation to be carried out.

If we do not hear from you to advise that this time/date is not suitable with 5 working days’ notice, the appointment will still be recharged to your manager.

Verbal consent will be asked of you before the consultation begins and you will be asked to clarify your identity – name, address and date of birth.

The OHPR will ask for your consent at the end of the consultation to release any medical reports to your referring manager(s) and HR. You will receive a copy of the report via the e-mail address you have supplied.

Please Note: Any calls/queries outside of allocated appointments will not be accepted by practitioners. All queries must be directed to Occupational Health Centre

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