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Appraisals (HPP)

Helping People to Perform (HPP) is about every member of staff, in every team meeting with their line manager to:

  • Agree tasks to be achieved
  • Backing/support that you need to perform
  • Consider how things are going and if things need to be done differently

We are all entitled to meet our line managers at least once a year on a one-to-one basis and talk about how things are going for you as an individual.

The meeting will:

  • Be arranged with you by your line manager or ask them to make a date!
  • Prompt you or your line manager to tell each other before the meeting if either needs to discuss a specific performance issue (as no surprises allowed!)
  • If you have a chance beforehand, to use the HPP preparation form to think about questions and the answers you would like to talk about at the meeting (try to have a look at your last HPP form if applicable)
  • Allow you to have an unhurried, private & confidential conversation with your manager to discuss how you both feel things are going and sharing thoughts
  • Produce your Personal Development Plan (PDP) that captures any learning & development required
  • Give you the opportunity to make improvement suggestions on how you feel things could be done differently
  • Allow you to discuss anything that is concerning you and what help or support could be offered

We recommend that you use the Personal Preparation Form for you to gather your thoughts and think about questions and the answers you would like to talk about at the meeting before you have your HPP (appraisal) meeting.

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