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“We are passionate about supporting departments to improve their services”

The ‘Transform, Innovate and Change’ team, affectionally known as the ‘TIC team’, are an in-house team who help services transform and improve their ways of working. For nearly 10 years we have listened closely to our customers to understand their needs and collaborated to ‘help make their services better’.  As specialists in service transformation and change management, we engage leaders and teams to implement and drive measurable and sustainable improvement in service delivery processes and people performance.

We support services to make operations more efficient, eliminating waste and increasing customer satisfaction, by using a range of system thinking tools and techniques, and support teams to build their ability to carry on improving.

 TIC Philosophy

The TIC way of working is underpinned by a flexible and pragmatic approach and makes use of a range of methods and techniques depending on the nature of the project.  Our aim is to work flexibly and collaboratively with teams to help them get to the right results, achieve the buy-in and momentum to support teams to create change that lasts.

  • Flexibility: We recognise the different teams have different needs and look for different types of input, depending on their own capabilities.  Using the experience and versatility available, we tailor our support to the circumstances – we focus on what is right and will work best for the team’s particular circumstances.
  • Collaboration: Whatever the approach, our style is to work collaboratively involving the staff doing the duties on a day-to-day basis through to other key stakeholders.  We work with teams to identify who are the stakeholders and what role do they play, and they are fully engaged throughout the change management journey. 
  • Right Results: Our approach is about working with teams to improve the internal and external customer experience, which includes looking at the moments that matter, processes, technologies, roles, responsibilities, and any other aspect that impacts on the customer experience.  
  • Change that lasts: Our focus is about supporting teams to make change happen and make it stick!  We believe it’s the people who will make all the difference and that is why, from the outset, we work with the leaders to ensure they are prepared to back the change and be involved from inception through to completion.  Delivering change successfully requires a lot of effort and sensitivity and we support teams to ensure they are given every opportunity to explore and make choices for themselves.  This way, they feel strong ownership of the direction set and underlying thinking behind the changes.

Our Change Management Framework

We think it’s important to have a framework to help teams manage change – recognising that it’s a journey for all involved.  Many of the projects adopt traditional project management techniques and are underpinned by robust governance structures.  We utilise a variety of methodologies based around data analysis and process review work to identify the potential to deliver cost/efficiency savings. The length and depth of a TIC change management project will vary depending on the overall objective and complexity of service area.  Projects can range from a half day re-check through to a 6-day full Vanguard/systems thinking review. 

Our Services

In a world that demands more for less, continuous improvement is critical to drive efficiencies, reduce bureaucracy and deliver operational excellence to our citizens.  Leaders and teams are recognising that service improvement needs to be targeted if it is to deliver measurable results and be sustained and embedded into how things are done. TIC have a range of support packages that we can provide to support leaders implement service improvement and change management across services areas:

The Vanguard/systems thinking method involves reviewing and re-designing services around customer demands.  The approach also a promotes a cultural change within these services as staff are provided with a greater clarity of purpose based around the needs of the customer and will also now have the means to improve the service. The Vanguard/systems thinking method requires managers and their teams to undergo a normative experience to experience the service from a customer perspective. This approach also pulls in key stakeholders involved at any step in the process to participate in the normative experience.  This is an important stage in the process, as it helps staff to understand the need for change, so that they are then in a better position to develop and implement new ways of working.

One key feature of the TIC approach is that, as well as helping supporting services to identify the potential for change, it will help provide capacity and support to make change happen, often through re-designing working practices and developing new models of service delivery.

This review lasts 6-days + project implementation.

Recognising the challenges facing services to release staff for an extended period, we can offer bespoke reviews tailored to your needs.  This allows us to support teams with a specific area of service improvement, which may not require the need for a detailed 6-day review and provide teams with the tools and techniques to allow them to start their continuous improvement journeys. Consultancy reviews are engaging and inclusive, and we encourage everyone to be attentive and contribute to discussions.  We help participants collaborate proactively and discuss passionately, building impressive outcomes together for everyone's benefit.


We can offer workshop facilitation services to help your team achieve their aims. We can help groups set goals around service improvements, how to make informed decisions, define roles, make plans, build consensus and alignment, devise strategy, generate ideas, gain new perspectives – whatever helps them most. We will work with you to help design sessions to suit your objectives, or if you have session plans already set out, we can join your team to help you deliver them.   We will create sessions that flow seamlessly from one objective to the next, opening up creative thinking, or helping participants converge on key decisions.

A primary focus of all areas of TIC service improvement is the importance of understanding “what matters” to the customer (citizen).  We will work closely with you to design and facilitate successful focus group sessions for your project to help you understand what is important to the customer.  We'll learn and understand your brief fully, carefully crafting questions and discussion prompts to elicit useful, actionable feedback and insights.  We'll facilitate your focus group in an engaging, inclusive way, encouraging participants to share their insights and opinions in a safe, welcoming atmosphere. It is important that any focus group discussions result in actionable insights. We will help you uncover barriers and blockages, tease out positive and negative feedback, and provoke fresh ideas and suggestions to help with your service improvement project. Once the focus groups are completed, we can compile the output into a concise, actionable report to your specifications.

The importance of understanding the data we collect, and how we can use this data to better inform the decision-making process, has become more widespread over recent years. Our Data Analysis Consultancy services can offer you advice and guidance on the type of data that you need to collect to measure the service you are delivering; we can also work with you to develop data capture and analysis processes to allow you to make the best use of the data you collect. We can also offer advice on how you can use the Microsoft Power BI business analytics service to convert your raw data into interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities.  We can support you to use the Power BI interface create your own visual reports and dashboards.

The purpose of process mapping is for services to improve efficiency.  Process maps provide insight into a process and will identify bottlenecks, repetition, and delays in a system.  It is useful to help teams brainstorm ideas for process improvement, increase communication and provide process documentation. We are a licensed user of the ENGAGE™ software, which is continuous improvement platform that helps and supports you and your team to capture, understand, cost, engage, improve, and collaborate on your processes.

ENGAGE™ has advanced features that allows you to capture processes live in a workshop projected on a screen so the output is familiar to stakeholder and can be shared instantly. After the workshop and stakeholders can feedback direct on the models digitally.   Not only do the features support rapid discovery of processes but you are also able to use the power and the structure that the tools give you to enable untrained staff to map and model processes like a time served professional business analyst.

Next Steps: If you would like to find out more about how TIC could support you and your team with any aspect of service improvement, please contact any member of the TIC team. We will then discuss your requirements and can offer advice on how we believe we can support you, and work with you to build a project implementation plan.

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