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Programme Board

The programme board meets every other month and is responsible for providing strategic direction, agreeing a work programme, monitoring progress and project outcomes, and identifying and over-coming barriers to change.

  • Wendy Walters: Chief Executive (Chair)
  • Paul Thomas: TIC Strategic Lead & Chief Executive’s Dept
  • Ainsley Williams: Environment Dept
  • Aeron Rees: Dept for Education & Children
  • Jonathan Morgan: Communities Dept
  • Chris Moore: Corporate Resources Dept
  • Helen Pugh: Chair of Heads of Service Group
  • Noelwyn Daniel: Head of ICT & Policy
  • Alison Wood: People Services Manager
  • Deina Hockenhull: Marketing & Media Manager
  • Jon Owen: TIC Programme Manager
  • Bernadette Dolan: Senior TIC Officer
  • Simon John Williams: TIC Officer
  • Linda J Thomas: TIC Officer
  • Mark Howard: TIC Project Manager
  • Allan Carter: TIC Schools Senior Manager 


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