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Covid-19 - Alert Level 3

Welsh Government have announced further changes to the national restrictions that are in place. Visit the council’s Newsroom for the latest information.

If your role doesn’t allow you to work from home, or it is deemed essential that you attend your place of work, the social distancing regulations remain unchanged – it is vitally important that you follow these regulations.

For the latest information on Coronavirus, please visit our Coronavirus guidance page.

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Agile Working

The agile working scheme is striving to develop modern working practices that help you to deliver your work in the heart of our community, whilst at the same time allowing you to balance work and life demands. It is intended to support staff in working in the best way and location to suit them, their team and their service.  We know that work performance is better if you are able to have flexibility in your working arrangements, and we want to support this.

Agile Working isn’t about home working it’s about being where you need to be to do your job most effectively. Having the flexibility to work at a variety of locations allows staff to work where it suits them best, whether it is from a Council building, in the community, from home or any combination of these. 

The ability to work in an agile way is intended to improve the service delivered and this is reliant on staff making fair and safe working arrangements. We ask that you are responsible with the way in which use agile working and make decisions that fit the needs of the customer and your team in consultation with your manager.

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Channel Shift

With more council services needed to be accessed online and internal systems and process being reviewed to achieve greater automation and integration, the demand for digital solutions is continuing to grow.

We have therefore designed a way of capturing I.T. work requests and in conjunction with the Corporate Digital Transformation Steering Group have launched a new Expressions of Interest and Business Case process which all staff will need to use when considering new projects or pieces of work that requires I.T. support to deliver; which in many cases projects will require significant input from ICT Services, Media & Marketing and TIC.

The first stage of the process will be for staff to complete the Expression of Interest form. This will require details of the project, benefits and consequences of not delivering. Depending on the outcome of the initial I.T. Review, ICT Services may approve and undertake the work, may reject due to lack of capacity or due to the scope of the project will require you to complete a full Business Case which will need the backing and approval of your Head of Service.

The Business Case will require more comprehensive detail on the project, identifying the key benefits, savings and any budget / finance requirements. Once approved by your Head of Service, the Business Case will then be scored and reviewed by the Corporate Digital Transformation Steering Group for a final decision and inclusion onto the DTSG Work Programme.

As a result of last year’s project prioritisation process the approved projects in development for 2018/19 are as follows:

  • Development of a Citizen ‘My Account’
  • Customer Services (CRM) System Replacement
  • Newsroom Mobile Responsive Website
  • Cloud Systems Migration (Total/TotalMobile for Environment)
  • School Meals Online Payments
  • Mobile Working - Housing
  • Green Waste Request system
  • HR and Recruitment Processes
  • Sickness Absence Return to Work Automation
  • New Translation Request System

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Business Planning for 20/21

Please ensure to complete your Expression of Interests by Friday 31st January 2020. These will be assessed by ICT Services and the Digital Transformation Steering Group to prioritise the key corporate projects for delivery throughout Financial Year 19/20.

This is a very ambitious and wide-reaching programme of work which has the potential to generate significant change and transformation across the organisation through the rationalisation and automation of processes and the adoption of smarter ways of working; that will hopefully result in more efficient and effective service delivery and put the Authority in a better position to meet the needs and expectations of our residents in the future.

£200k has been allocated to support the implementation of the digital agenda and the steering group prioritisation process will also be used to allocate this funding.
Due to the financial challenges that the Council is facing in the short to medium term, the scoring and prioritisation process is likely to favour those projects which can clearly demonstrate the financial benefits that are likely to arise from the project.

As part of the Business Planning process we will be finalising the DTSG Work Programme for 2020/21. Services are invited to submit their Expressions of Interest using this Digital Transformation Process; which forms need to be submitted by Friday 31st January 2020.

Any project that will require a full Business Case for final approval at DTSG will need to be submitted by Friday 6th March 2020. There will be an expectation that these projects are fully scoped by the Project Manager and a detailed Business Plan will be required to be submitted to the Digital Transformation Steering Group for a final decision at the Digital Transformation Steering Group at the end of March 2020.

A mid-year review in 2020/21 will also be conducted in September 2020 providing an opportunity for other projects to be considered throughout the year.

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