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Agile working hours

When agile working, if it fits in with the needs of your customers and your team, there is the possibility of working anytime between 7am and 7pm, in line with our Flexitime Scheme unless you have fixed working hours in your contract. You should ensure that your contractual hours are distributed sensibly across the working week and take into account the team within which you work:

  • This is not about squeezing all your hours together to get work over and done with! Your hours need to be worked from Monday to Friday if you are contracted full time or in line with an agreed contractual working pattern or rota;
  • It’s not about working from home the same day every week, i.e. a Friday or always leaving early on a Monday; we are a team and want to encourage fairness and face to face collaboration across all days of the working week;
  • The agreement to work flexible hours is conditional on your manager’s approval and where it makes sense for service delivery and the team in which you work.

Work performance often improves with flexible working arrangements, though where there are concerns about your performance as a result of Agile Working your manager is expected to address this with you and adapt your agile working arrangement accordingly.

Agile working hours: Part of the Digital Transformation Programme

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