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Personal safety and self-care. Stress management, personal resilience, work-life balance. Bullying and harassment, online abuse.

  • Monday 18 July, 2.00pm – 4.30pm
  • Chamber, County Hall, Carmarthen
  • Contributors: Eddie Cummings (Senior Business Partner (Working Safely)), Erin Mason-George (Health and Wellbeing Coordinator (Mental Health))

The purpose of the workshop is to set out what personal safety and security measures Local Councillors can take to prevent and deal with those rare circumstances when they might find themselves in situations where they are concerned for their safety.


  • Assessing the risks to Local Councillors in carrying out their public duties
  • Recognising potential dangers from personal contact or internet / postal communication and how to take appropriate action
  • Being proactive in considering personal safety
  • Incorporating effective personal safety when planning any public duties or interactions with the public.