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Alert Level 4: Lockdown from midnight 19th December

All of Wales is at alert level 4, the national message is to stay at home and only venture out if it is essential, for example to access health care, for shopping, to exercise outdoors, to support someone who is vulnerable, or for work purposes.

You must now work from home. If your role doesn’t allow you to work from home, or it is deemed essential that you attend your place of work, the social distancing regulations remain unchanged – it is vitally important that you follow these regulations.

For the latest information on Coronavirus, please visit our Coronavirus guidance page.


Looking after your Well-being (Coronavirus guidance)

Leader's Vlog (Agile working)

The agile working project is now well underway and many staff are already embracing this new way of working. To support this flexible approach to work, we have launched a series of new ‘Touchdown Zones’ that any member of staff can use on a first come, first served basis. View the Leader’s Vlog fo...

Leaving the council (HR)

If you decide to leave your job, we need you to hand in a formal resignation letter via your manager.  You are required to give one week's notice to end your contract of employment with us during your probationary period. Following completion of the probationary period, the minimum period of notice...

Learning and Development (Our People)

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Learning & Development Team have put together a wide range of skills induction training for anyone who has been asked to work for an alternative service. Whilst you are working from home, we also encourage you to take advantage of other development...

Learning Disabilities and Mental Health (Supporting Care Services during Covid - 19)

If you have been redeployed to Learning Disability services, will need to complete the PBS e-learning In the search for courses option, search for "PBS Arc". You will need to log in as a guest and as a guest you will not be able to save your score or pass notification. You will need to take a scree...

Leadership and Management (Corporate Learning Opportunities)

Leadership and Management (Social Care Wales Workforce Development Programme [SCWWDP])

Supporting the training, development and qualification of social care managers We offer a range of core management skills training for social care via the corporate team and these programmes support a range of competencies and skills in all managers. Coaching and Mentoring is a key area of develop...

Lifestyle advice (Health and Wellbeing)

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for many aspects of our lives. Adopting habits which allow us to maintain good overall health and wellbeing will reduce the risk of developing many chronic diseases, increase productivity and energy levels, reduce stress and its associated conditions, and...

Leave or remove someone from a group chat (Microsoft Teams)

There may be situations when you will need to remove someone from a group chat within Microsoft Teams. For example: During a scheduled meeting someone (who was not on the initial invite list) is asked to join the meeting.  This action automatically adds that person to the meeting group chat and ev...

Llanelli (Meeting Rooms)

In Llanelli we have meeting/training rooms in Town Hall, Ty Elwyn, Eastgate, Llanelli Library, Ffwrnes Theatre, Coleshill Centre, Llanelli Workshops, Delta Lakes, Vaughan Street, Trostre Depot and Trostre Industrial Park. Browse through our meeting rooms in each location for further information on c...

Llanelli Library (Llanelli)

Llanelli Workshops Trostre (Llanelli)

Llandeilo (Meeting Rooms)

In Llandeilo we have meeting/training rooms in the Civic Hall. Browse through our meeting rooms in each location for further information on capacity and facilities. How to book a room Room bookings are managed using Outlook, you can check availability and set up your meeting quickly and easily. Al...

Llanelli (Staff car parks)

Llandeilo, Ammanford, Cross Hands (Staff car parks)