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Complaints and compliments (Working for us)

Complaints and compliments from members of the public are an invaluable source of feedback about the services we provide. They are a positive means of promoting customer satisfaction and a way of identifying opportunities to improve service delivery. They help us to learn about our customers’ needs...

Core Values (Working for us)

Our values underpin and guide the way that we work, the way we improve and the way we make decisions in our community. Working as one team We recognise that by working together and making constructive connections we can make the best use of our resources for our communities  Focus on our customer...

Correspondence (Working bilingually)

Closed meetings / events (Working bilingually)

Councillor Induction Programme 2022 (Democracy)

Councillor Handbook (Democracy)

The Councillors' Handbook is intended to provide all Councillors, particularly those of you who are newly elected, with information and assistance which is likely to help you: In carrying out your duties as a Councillor In finding your way around the various council offices locations for meeting...

Councillors' Linguistic Preferences (Democracy)

Welsh* - The Councillors would prefer to speak in Welsh, but are aware this is not always possible. Councillor Correspondence Phone Sue Allen Bilingual English Liam Bowen Bilingual Welsh* Kim Broom English English Mansel Charles Bilingual Either language P...

Chairing Skills (Member Development Toolkit)

A vital part of your role as a councillor is the chairing of various types of meetings, from public meetings and partnership boards to informal council committees. This eLearning module will help you learn some of the basic skills required for the task, as well a selection of valuable tips to help y...

Case for change (Moving forward)

Capability (Employee relations)

Collective disputes (Employee relations)

Childcare voucher scheme (Pay & benefits)

Case Conferences (Sickness Absence)

Before a case conference is requested, we would urge managers to request clarification on the advice given within a medical report via email in the first instance.  At times there may be conflicts between the report outcomes, the employee’s opinion and the needs of the service which need to be addr...

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Related Absences (Sickness Absence)

Transitional People Management Guidance: April – July 2022 Recording absence It is essential that all absences are entered via the MyView account as soon as they are reported: Recording Absence. myview-guidance-english.pdf In terms of recording transitional covid absence,  the codes that are to b...

Career Break (Time off work)

Compassionate Leave (Time off work)

Up to a maximum of 5 days paid time off (pro rata part time) is available in the event of the death, critical illness or injury of a member of your immediate family. In the event of the death of a child, parent or partner this may be extended to 10 days. Authorisation must be sought from the Head of...

Current IIP Champions (Investors In People)

Meet our current IIP Champions. We have been developing staff to become IIP Champions for over 10 years. This has given staff the opportunity to be actively involved in supporting our IIP assessments....

Code of Professional Practice (Digital Induction for Care Staff)

The Code is a list of statements that describe the standards of professional conduct and practice required of those employed in social care in Wales. Please read all information regarding the Codes of Practice as set out by Social Care Wales. Below is also a link to a downloadable app that you may...

Corporate Learning Opportunities (Learning and Development)

Welcome to our Corporate Learning and Development pages. Our aim is to support you to develop the knowledge and skill you need to be successful in your role. We will aim to do this in a flexible way, by delivering learning in a range of formats including e-learning or face to face. Corporate Learn...

Coaching & Mentoring (Corporate Learning Opportunities)

Core Training (Social Care Wales Workforce Development Programme [SCWWDP])

Combatting Loneliness (Stress, Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing)

Loneliness is a common feeling and something that we’re all likely to feel from time to time. Feelings of loneliness are very personal and everyone’s experience of feeling lonely will be different.   Loneliness is described as a feeling that we get when we do not meet our needs for rewarding social...

Cancer (Help and Support)

Cancellation Policy (Your appointment)

Cancellation Policy We require 5 full working days notice if you are unable to attend your arranged appointment. Failure to attend or provide enough notice will result in your manager still being charged.  Please ensure that you allow enough time to prepare for the consultation, ensuring you hav...

Confidentiality (Occupational Health)

Compliance Monitoring (Health & Safety)

Compliance The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it the need for additional risk assessments, safe working practises as well as legal requirements services are required to work to. It is vital that these standards are reached to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of staff as well as the healt...

Council File Plan (Information Governance)

Carmarthen (Meeting Rooms)

In Carmarthen we have meeting/training rooms in County Hall, 3 Spilman Street, 8 Spilman Street, St.Davids Park, Carmarthen Leisure Centre, Carmarthen Library, Carmarthen Education Centre, Carmarthen Bowls Centre, Rural Development Office (Nant y Ci), Pibwrlwyd and Parc Myrddin. Browse through our m...

County Hall (Carmarthen)

Carmarthen Leisure Centre (Carmarthen)

Carmarthen Library (Carmarthen)

Carmarthen Education Centre (Carmarthen)

Carmarthen Bowls Centre (Carmarthen)

Coleshill Centre (Llanelli)

Civic Hall (Llandeilo)

Carmarthen (Staff car parks)

Communities (Our People)

Cookies (Our People)

We want to provide online services that are easy to use, useful and reliable. This can involve placing small amounts of information on your computer or mobile phone or other internet enabled devices while you are using our website. These files are known as cookies. We use cookies to help you naviga...