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Individual risk assessment (Safe Working Practices during Covid-19)

If you've been shielding, or returning to the workplace, you can now complete an individual risk assessment that will assess your risk to Covid-19 and to identify any personal adjustments.  Whilst the priority has been to risk assess employees returning to the workplace following shielding, the ris...

Investigations (Employee relations)

Infection Control (Supporting Care Services during Covid - 19)

The objectives of this module: For you to be aware of good practice and the importance of Infection Control Ensure good Handwashing techniques For You to have an understanding of Policy and Procedure surrounding Infection Control Awareness of the causes and transmission of Infection In orde...

Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) (Corporate Learning Opportunities)

Individuals Who Use Services and Carers (Social Care Wales Workforce Development Programme [SCWWDP])

Individual Stress Assessment (Stress, mental health and emotional wellbeing)

Information for Applicants (Mental Health First Aid)

Information for Managers (Mental Health First Aid)

IT Support (Our People)

IT Policies (IT Support)

IT Strategies (IT Support)

Digital Transformation Strategy The Digital Transformation Strategy sets out the Council’s strategic digital priorities and aspirations and outlines what we plan to do to achieve our vision for a Digital Carmarthenshire. Technology is becoming increasingly pervasive across all sectors and becoming...

IT Security (IT Support)

Imagine a world, defined by technology and driven by our demand, where nearly every individual is connected from anywhere in the world. Imagine a business based on this demand, working from offices without boundaries, needing access to the information available to support their business at any time...

Install your own software (IT Support)

Why should I use Software Center? To save yourself time and allow you to quickly get the software you need to carry out your work. There is no need to log a call with the IT Service Desk, Software Center operates 24/7 and can be used in the office or whilst working agile. How do I use Software Cen...

Income section (Financial Management System - U4BW)

The Income section collects income due to the Authority for a range of statutory and non-statutory services provided to residents and businesses.Responsibilities include; Setting up customers Raising invoices Debt recovery General enquiries Dispute resolution along with client departments...

Information Governance (Our People)