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Cabinet Member Scrutiny Training

  • Friday 9 June, 10.00am - 11.30am
  • Zoom
  • Contributors: Lisa Smart (Centre for Governance & Scrutiny)

To help Cabinet Members to develop and maintain a constructive relationship with scrutiny and how to ensure that the benefits of scrutiny are achieved through mutual understanding and co-operation and trust.


  • Understanding the role of scrutiny as a core whole-council function
  • How scrutiny adds value in supporting council performance
  • Developing a positive relationship between scrutiny and Cabinet
  • Scrutiny as a critical friend. The positive benefits of challenge and testing
  • How scrutiny helps Cabinet Members to develop their policy and key decision-making
  • Getting the maximum benefit from scrutiny for Cabinet Members
  • Advising the scrutiny work programme
  • The importance of visible democratic accountability
  • Handling the scrutiny ‘politics’, behaviours and challenge
  • Effective strategies to plan for scrutiny meetings
  • Officer support for Cabinet at scrutiny meetings
  • Sharing information and briefing scrutiny
  • Facing scrutiny – questions – feedback – openness and risks