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The role of Scrutiny and how to be an effective scrutiny member

  • Thursday 9 June, 10.00am - 12.00pm
  • Zoom
  • Contributors: Lisa Smart (Centre for Governance & Scrutiny)

Overview and scrutiny to plays an essential role in policy shaping, holding the executive decision-makers to account and reviewing issues of importance to local communities. To do this the scrutiny function and Members need to develop a shared understanding on the role and capability of the scrutiny function; to be strong on prioritisation, work programming and the quality of scrutiny activities in measuring impact.


To provide members with a clear understanding of their role in scrutiny:

  • Latest guidance and good practice
  • Support members to increase their understanding and experience as effective and confident scrutiny practitioners
  • To help improve individual member skills in the basic principles of scrutiny
  • To give scrutiny members an increased understanding of the role and potential impact of scrutiny
  • Scrutiny influences and how to use them
  • Importance of relationships, behaviours, and communication (culture aspects)
  • To understand how scrutiny can have significant impact in supporting performance
  • To explore how scrutiny can better add value to policy and practice in the future