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Local Government Finance including budgetary and treasury management

  • Thursday 26 May, 9.30am – 4.30pm
  • Chamber, County Hall, Carmarthen
  • Contributors: Chris Moore (Director of Corporate Services), Helen Pugh (Head of Revenues & Financial Compliance), Randal Hemingway (Head of Financial Services)


  • To provide an overview of local government finances – Where do they come from?  What are they spent on? And who is responsible for them?
  • To provide an overview of the statutory background and the regulatory framework within which finances are governed;
  • To provide an introduction to local government finance as a key to understanding its central role in both policy making and scrutiny;
  • To provide an overview of the commonly used terms in local government finance and the wider resourcing of local government;
  • To provide an overview of the Local Taxation system (Council Tax and Business Rates); and
  • To provide an overview of the Housing Benefit system.