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Members of the Planning Committee

  • Friday 27 May, 9.00am - 12.30pm
  • Chamber, County Hall, Carmarthen
  • Contributors: Rhodri Griffiths (Head of Place and Sustainability), Ian Llewelyn (Forward Planning Manager), Hugh Towns (Development Management, Enforcement and Regional Minerals and Waste Manager Management Officer), Steve Pound (Principal Building Control Surveyor), Rosie Carmichael (Rural Conservation Manager), Steve Murphy (Senior Solicitor)


Within the context of the terms of reference of the Planning Committee to enable Councillors on these committees to gain an understanding of the following

  • Introduction to the planning system for Councillors: Positive Planning and the legislative process;
  • Background to the Development Plan: National Policy and Local Development Plan;
  • Explanation of the decision-making process and the role of Councillors in that process;
  • Section 106 agreements and developer contributions;
  • Code of Conduct for Councillors in Planning Matters and the Protocol re Representations to the County Council on Planning Applications;
  • The possibilities and limitations of Planning Agreements and conditions;
  • Enforcement: an overview for Councillors;
  • Enforcement Statement
  • Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings - explanation of additional considerations;
  • Biodiversity net benefit
  • Minerals and Waste Planning;
  • Building control and dangerous structures