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National Adoption Week

46 days ago

You can’t change their past, but you can make a choice and change their future.

10 months old. 10 years old. Boy. Girl. Brother. Sister. When you adopt, you’re not just choosing a child – you’re choosing a family.

While there’s no way of choosing a child’s little quirks or some parts of their personality – you can choose the things that matter most.

You choose to share a laugh when things go wrong. You choose to be there when a difficult memory resurfaces.

You might not be there for all their firsts, but you can make a choice be there for the moments that matter.

Because that’s what parenting is – choosing to accept the child that you have, the good and the not so good.

And when you adopt, those choices matter more than ever. Regardless of their age, gender, if they are adopted alone or as brothers and sisters – adopted children need extra attention, reassurance, and security due to their past experiences.

#ChooseFamily is a new campaign from the National Adoption Service for Wales (NAS) to open people’s minds and hearts to the children currently waiting to be adopted.

If you or anyone you know has adopted or been adopted, NAS would love for you to be part of the campaign and share your family stories to encourage others to choose adoption.

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