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Leaving the council

If you decide to leave your job, we need you to hand in a formal resignation letter via your manager. 

You are required to give one week's notice to end your contract of employment with us during your probationary period. Following completion of the probationary period, the minimum period of notice is the length of your normal pay period, i.e. the time between one pay period and the next (4 weeks or one month).

If you are employed in a NJC Grade ‘L-O’ or a JNC Chief Officer post, your contract of employment may require you to give a minimum period of three months’ notice to end your employment. Notice periods can be waived by mutual agreement. Please contact the People Services Section should you require further information.

Note to managers, if you have a member of staff that is leaving the council you will need to complete a “termination of employment” form and return it to CE HR People Man / CE HR Schools Team.

If you wish to retire, apply for severance or have been notified that your post is being made redundant please see the relevant pages within this section.

Page updated: 27/06/2022 14:23:19