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Engaging Diversity

Engaging Diversity

Who is it aimed at?

All staff. New staff are automatically enrolled through Learning and Development. A confirmation email will then be sent, with information regarding the username and password and how to access the site. This is an e-learning module.

The Engaging Diversity Project Awareness raising modules have been developed to be delivered through the Internet. The training has been available to the Authority since 2005. However, in response to the Equality Act 2010, a new module has been developed to highlight the Authority’s new responsibilities to promote Equality and Diversity within the organisation and in our communities.

What are the objectives?

The Engaging Diversity module outlines the following:

  • The range of protected characteristics
  • Changes to the definitions and scope of all types of discrimination, harassment and victimization and the introduction of new definitions
  • The emphasis on practical outcomes and service delivery, rather than processes and plans
  • The extension of all protected characteristic to include the delivery of goods and services
  • The new single equality duty in Wales, both the General and Specific duties
  • The scope of positive action in recruitment
  • The role of public sector procurement in advancing equality, diversity and human rights and the effect this has on companies bidding for contracts
  • The importance of human rights.

How will it make a difference?

The individual will be made aware of the legal and moral obligations which relate to them as an individual and the organisation and will operate in a way which meets these obligations.

 Engaging Diversity



This is a flexible working opportunity; learners can complete the modules at their own pace. To complete the modules will take approximately 1½ hours.


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