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Personal Resilience E-Learning

Personal Resilience E-Learning

Who is it aimed at?

All staff 

What are the objectives?

Employees are faced with many challenges in the workplace and it is important that we are well equipped to manage potentially stressful or difficult situations.  This e-learning module will provide you with an overview of what is meant by ‘resilience’, why it is important in the workplace and ways that it can be improved.  

How will it make a difference?

The ability to cope well in difficult or challenging situations is closely linked with our well-being. This e-learning module encourages you to reflect on the factors which affect your personal resilience along with the key behaviours required to become resilient.  Through learning about these key behaviours and additional tips on resilience building, you should feel more confident to deal with challenging situations in the future, helping you to look after your mental and physical well-being.   



Please read before accessing the module.

This module is available on the Learning@Wales site and as view only.

If you choose to do the view only module, this will not be recorded on your training record. To view this, please click here [no log in required].

If you want this training to be recorded, please access the module via our Learning@Wales site, by clicking on the ‘log in to e-learning’ [you will need to log in first].

Delivery method:



This module should take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete.



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