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Our aim

Prosiect Zero Sir Gâr calls on staff (and the public) to make changes, share ideas, and start conversations at home, in shops and offices, in classrooms and on social media to encourage everyone to work together to tackle climate change.

Schoolchildren will be encouraged to become Prosiect Zero Super Heroes by learning about the issue and taking positive action at school and at home to help protect the planet for their future.

It involves everything from ensuring that all new major build projects such as homes and schools are energy efficient and incorporate renewable energy, to retro-fitting older buildings with an extensive range of energy conservation measures, including solar PV panels, LED lighting replacement, lighting controls, pipework insulation, building fabric improvements, boiler upgrades and water and heat saving technology.

As well as procuring all its electricity from renewable energy sources, we have also made other efforts to reduce carbon emissions including converting street lights to low energy LED and upgrading our fleet to include electric cars and more energy efficient refuse and gritting vehicles.

If you have any suggestions or if you would like to share what you are doing to encourage others to play their part, please share them on these pages

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