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Men’s Health Week

55 days ago

Men’s Health Week this year falls between June 13th- 17th, it is an opportunity to give all boys and men access to the information, services, and treatment they need to live healthier, longer and more fulfilling lives. The previous year’s theme of Men’s Health Week has focused on the pandemic with a campaign to raise awareness for men’s mental health in the era of Covid-19. This year the focus of Men’s Health Week is to give yourself a body MOT.

What is a ‘Body MOT’?

While the focus over the last two years has been on the pandemic, many have taken their eyes off potentially serious conditions. Studies have shown that many of us have missed out on important diagnosis during the pandemic. For example, prostate cancer diagnosis had fallen 29% during 2019 and 2020, due to men not seeing the GP when symptoms started. With this in mind, it gives even more reason to keep an eye on your body and mind, now is a better time than any to give yourself an MOT…

  1. Check your pulse. Place the finger of one hand on the thumb side of the tendons running through the opposite wrist. You should be able to feel the radial artery pumping. Count the beats over four 15 second periods and add them up. This is your resting pulse – a good guide to the heart’s efficiency.*
  2. Unexplained weigh loss or gain? The simplest guide to whether you’re in a healthy weight range is your waste measurement.
  3. Check yourself over… Do you have any unexplained lumps, breathing difficulties or shortness of breath, pain, swelling or itching, changes in bowel habits or moles that have changed in shape or size?
  4. Check in on your mental health. How are you feeling? A mood diary can support in recognising your thoughts, feelings and emotions and keep track of any changes.

Important NHS Health Checks were paused during the pandemic; however, they have since restarted. Remember to report and discuss any concerns or worries to your GP.

For more information and support on your body MOT, visit *Man MOT | Men's Health Forum (menshealthforum.org.uk) for a run down of your ‘at home body MOT’. You can also visit our health and wellbeing pages Lifestyle Advice and Self-Health Check.

Article submitted by: Health & Wellbeing Team

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